I’ve started working on the old family tree again.  I think every winter when I get bored I do a little work on the old tree.  I’d been stuck on one side of my family since year before last.  I got frustrated and put working on them aside.  In turn I’ve been working on William’s family which is pretty interesting.  I’ve traced him back to his family’s slave owner.  Mid 1700’s.  He actually claimed all his children, one’s by the slaves included.  Lucky me.  Not sure if I’ll put down anymore information about the slave owners family or not.  Yeah they are biological family, but does that mean they belong on the tree?  My family weren’t owned, not to my knowledge anyway, and move around a lot so they are hard to keep up with.  (North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland)

About a week ago I posted a message looking for some help on my Mother’s side of the family when I was told about another website, Family Search.  If that link is incorrect let me know, I might have gotten the address wrong.  Anyway…. I didn’t have much luck with my Mother’s side really, but I had an immense amount of luck with my father’s side.  Including a butt load of marriage licenses that Ancestry didn’t have.  Marriage licenses that included parents names.  JACKPOT!!!

I added 2 more generations to my family tree this last past week.  I’m so excited.  I ran across a tree on Ancestry with my new found information that opened up some new information for me too.  This tree, led me to a cousin, a distant cousin, but still family.  She had photos of her 2nd Great Grandmother, which just happened to be my 3rd Great Grandmother.  How awesome is that?

 I’d like to introduce you to my Great Great Great Grandmother Mary Jane.  I don’t see a lot of resemblance to me, except for the fact that I’ve gone grey at the temples and down the middle, but I do see it in my Grandma Hattie’s line of siblings.

My new found cousin has been very helpful in helping me put some pieces together.  I found out we had at least 1 politician in the family.  He was part of the “black” (he was classified as Mulatto on the Census’) officeholders during Reconstruction after the Civil War.  I am going to try to find out more about them once the dust settles on my new found tree.  There’s a book, I’ll just have to read it.

I don’t know if I’ll attempt to meet this new family member.  But being that she lives not far from where I grew up, you never know.  So, that’s it for today, I stopped cleaning to write this blog.  So I best get back to work.  Y’all have a great day!


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5 thoughts on “Lately…

  1. I clicked on that link you posted. Interesting site. For the fun of it I put my grandparents names in to see what came up. Some of the information was right but other stuff wasn’t right. I also wasn’t able to find either of my grandmas either listed under their birth names or married names. Neither of my parents were there either. It was fun to see what was listed though.


    1. Your not going to find nearly as much information on living people simply because they try to respect privacy. Sometimes you can find public records, but not much else. And even that depends on how good your state is at reporting. You won’t find any more recent census’ than the 1930 either so that kinda rules out the bulk of our famlies. At least til April when they release the 1940 census. I find the only information I can find from more recent years are SS Death Index files, etc. Which sucks.


      1. I didn’t know that. Even with that information all of my grandparents should have been in there because they are a lot older than yours. They were all born in the 19teens era. All are dead too so there should be death records at the very least.


        1. All my grandparents are dead as well, well except for one, but I don’t know much about him and heard he doesn’t have much longer to go. Grandma Hattie was born in 1912 so your aren’t older than mines lol Mines just started late in life having their kids. If they are dead they should be in the Social Security Death Index… My Grandma Hattie isn’t. Not sure if her paperwork wasn’t done correctly or what but she’s not in there as of yet and she’s been dead almost 10 years now. Her sister died almost 2 years ago and she popped up after a couple months. So it could depend on the state you’re in or it could be determined by the paperwork, not sure.


  2. I think it’s cool you take the time to reseach family history. Hello Mary Jane! Tough choice about putting slave owners on your family tree. I guess family is family so I’d list them. Just like the criminals and politicians (same thing) I’d list them too. When it all boils down to it we’re all God’s family no matter what the circumstance.


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