Day 55 – Strange Clouds

Aren’t those clouds funky?

Anyway, today was a beautiful day in Colorado.  It’s not cold, even though it’s breezy, and it’s about 60°.  I like temps between 50° and 75°, especially here.  No humidity means unless it’s windy, it’s warm.

This has been a slow week.  I think the most exciting thing I’ve done all week is curl my hair.  I put rollers in last night and that’s about it lol.  I’m thinking about haircuts again.  So I figured it may be better if I just find another way to style this hair rather than butcher it again.  It’s grown quite a bit since my last haircut in May, and it is starting to bug me again.  Suggestions?

As I said, today was a beautiful day, but I don’t have a picture to post from today.  I posted that on Facebook and am too lazy to load it here from my phone.  No instead I’m going to post a couple of  photos from last weekend instead.  I did take quite a few and I loved the colors so much.  Sunset is like the perfect time of the day for cloud photos.  The colors can be amazing.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  I’m not sure what we are going to do yet, but I hope whatever it is, it gets us out of this house.  BFN!

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3 thoughts on “Day 55 – Strange Clouds

  1. Nice warm weather you’re having. Lucky girl. The only hair suggestion I have is side swept bangs but I don’t think you’re all that fond of them. Are you thinking about a long layered cut or something short?


    1. Side swept bangs… I’ve tried them. Numerous times. I still don’t like them lol. I do try to like them, but I hate my hair touching my face. One day I’ll take a picture of my two most prized hair accessories. Both of which keep my hair back off my face lol.


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