Day 52 – Andre’s First Photo

Well it’s Andre’s first photo with one of my camera’s anyway.  He really likes his new photo, he’s dying to edit it and do something wonky but I asked him to let me use it first.  I don’t think it’s half bad for a first attempt.

Yesterday, Andre and I spent the day together.  William had a therapy session and then needed to be at Wal-Mart getting an oil change, so Andre and I spent the day together.  We went to Starbucks then we were off to TJMaxx to find him a couple new outfits.  Just after Christmas I cleaned out his closet and pulled all the smaller sizes and anything he’s been wearing for more than 2 years out of the closet.  Needless to say, other than school uniforms, he only has 5 pairs of pants and about 6 shirts left.

My nephew, where he is only 5 or 6, he’s a little on the fat side, so he’s not too far behind Andre size wise.  I sent him 10’s a couple years ago and he’s in them now…  So I pulled 12’s – 16’s out of the closet and sent them all up to NY.  Clothes are expensive, so I help my sister out where I can.  I donated the majority when we moved in March, but I saved pieces I knew my nephew like, just for him, so when he grows into them he’ll be more than happy to wear them.  Anyway…

Andre is currently in a faux-goth stage (and officially into men’s sizes I might add).  He likes black and skulls and it’s a little disturbing, but I want him to wear what he feels comfortable in.  If he likes it, he’s more likely to wear it.  I can’t afford to be wasting money on stuff I like, if he isn’t going to wear it.  I made out like a fat rat at TJMaxx yesterday.  He got 2 outfits, the jeans alone were retail $50 a pair, we got them for $16.99 and the shirts were supposed to be $25 each and they were $7.99.  So we both left the store happy.  No skulls yesterday, but a couple of hawks lol.

After TJMaxx, we headed off to Red Robin.  Their burger and fries aren’t considered fast food right?  Because I’d be heartbroken if it did LOL.  God knows the Red Robin here is as far from fast as anything I’ve ever had.  It takes forever for you to get your food there, but it’s always so good.  And yes we had burgers…. duh lol

He wasn’t ready to go home yet, so I decided we’d stop by the house, grab a couple camera’s and go find something worth photographing.  We passed that lake that I always pass, and I decided we were going to go looking for it.  And we found it.  It was late, and the wind was picking up but we went anyway.  My only regret was that we, well I, didn’t have a jacket.  He had one but wouldn’t wear it.  I was wearing a t’shirt and a short-sleeved sweater.  Man I wish I had my fleece.  My hands and arms got so cold, and I didn’t start warming back up til we were headed back to the truck.

We only made it about 1/3 the way around the lake before the sun began to set.  We will be going back.  I took some nice photos, I hate that I couldn’t get closer to the lake, they have it fenced off so you can’t fall in.  Which I understsand.  It was covered in ice, but not frozen over, it was very pretty.  I don’t think my photos did it justice.  But I never do think my photos are all that good.  I’ll post them throughout the week.

Yesterday was a good day… Andre was happy to spend the day with me, and that makes me happy :).

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