Day 51 – Sunset

The day before yesterday the sunset was beautiful.  The picture I took didn’t do it justice.  But here it is anyway.

So far I’m doing very well with my resolutions.  But then again, we’re only 5 days into the new year lol.  I went to Pier 1 with William the other day.  I didn’t grab a basket because I knew I’d fill it up.  Instead I filled up my arms LOL.  I remembered what I was supposed to do without this year, unnecessary shopping, and I put everything back.  Aren’t you proud of me?  I know I am.

Yesterday I was supposed to blog but I never did get around to it.  I was busy all day it seemed, and when I wasn’t I was exhausted lol.  I want to get moving a little more, get some cardio in, so I’ve taken to Just Dance 3 for xBox.  Gotta say, it’s a lot of fun, and for a “white girl with no rhythm” as William calls me I’m pretty good at it.  I have beaten him and Andre every time we dance together.  So take that William :P.  I was having fun even though I was a little tired and I played it for about an hour and a half before my lungs quit on me.  My lungs just felt heavy and wet for the rest of the day and I coughed and coughed til my throat was sore, but I’m okay today.  I feel like that after a long hike too, I might need to ask if it’s normal.  Anyway…

After Just Dancing, I took to the garage.  What the hell made me go out there and start cleaning baffles the mind, but I did.  And it looks great now.  William is a pack rat.  The man can’t throw away anything.  If it’s something dirty that he wants to keep he hides it in the garage.  Well no more.  I cleaned the garage yesterday.  I broke out my handy dandy drill and hung some of the larger tools that have been sitting around.  He has one of those old fashion push mowers, I bought it for him about 5 or so  year ago to help us go green.  Anyway, he had that sitting in the middle of the garage at the back, so I drilled a hole in a beam, put a hook in it, and hung that sucker up.  There is nothing, laying, sitting, or leaning in that garage anymore.  I even hung my push broom :).

When he got home he was like where is everything… I said you didn’t see the 2 large black garbage bags out on the curb?  And you better not drag them back in.  So he didn’t.  I even threw out his shelves so he couldn’t fill them back up again.  He wasn’t happy, but he knew not to junk it up again.  There is one area I didn’t clean.  I was just too pooped by the time I got around to it.  I did straighten it up, but I didn’t have the strength to clean it as well as I had the rest of the garage, so I told him to do it the next time it’s 60 degrees again.  Which was today, but he has to work today, so it’ll have to wait til a weekend.

I was sweeping the driveway when my neighbor’s wife came home, apparently she went in and told him all about my cleaning because next thing I know he was outside power washing his driveway.  I’ve been out done again LOL.  It’s okay.

I washed the truck and put a quick coat of wax on her in anticipation for the next snow which should come in next week.  So all there is left now is to work inside the house.  I stripped the beds this morning, but so far I’m taking the day kinda slow.  A little sore from all that cleaning yesterday.  No worries, I took a Naproxen and I’ll be back to Dancing in an hour or so.

I hope everyone is having a good week so far.  I know I am.

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2 thoughts on “Day 51 – Sunset

  1. Dang, Woman! You are doing awesome out there! I’ve been looking at our closet the last few days and taking inventory of what to keep and what not to. Just need to get in there and do it!
    It’s a beautiful day here today. I’m sitting in my chair looking at the warmth outside. I’ll be getting on the treadmill later and doing a few exercises on the Total Gym after that.
    Have yourself a good day!!!!!


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