Day 49 – A Walk Down Memory Lane

Today I’m looking through the old hard drive at old family photos.  So I figured I’d take you on a little stroll down memory lane with me.  Welcome to my life.  Now this photo, I haven’t had very long.  I’ve never known much about the woman in this photo, but I figured it’s a good jump off point.

This is my mother.  Daddy says I look like her, but I really don’t see it.  This is the only close up photo I have of her.  I’d never seen what she really looked like til I got this photo back in February.  The only photo I ever had of her she took while she was pregnant with me. This is Daddy.  It’s an old photo, and not a good one either, but it was the one I was looking at today.  Daddy’s gone all gray since I took this photo lol.

This is Grandma Hattie and me.  This is the woman who raised me.  Look how little I was!  I’ve come a long ways since the streets of the Bronx.  At least I’m almost positive that is where this photo was taken.  Daddy lived in the Bronx back then, actually he still does.  Talk about things that don’t change.  At least he’s in a better neighborhood now lol.

This is my monkey.  I think he may have been 4 when I took this.  So cute, I just want to pinch his little cheeks.  He’s such a big boy now, full of attitude.  I miss this cute little boy lol.

I think I took this photo just after the move this year.  He was probably laughing because he was torturing satellite kittah lol.  He’d kill me if he knew I had posted these two photos lol.  He doesn’t mind being talked about but he doesn’t like me posting his photos.  I don’t blame him, I’m not a big fan of posting his photos either.  Once a photo is out there, there is no getting it back.

Anyway…  Lets start strolling again.

My babies… I still miss Zoie so much.  I couldn’t imagine getting another pup after her.

I posted this one for you Beth.  She was good about her treadmill time.  All you had to say was “Zoie wanna workout?” and she’d hop right on.  Even after we moved here… at least for a little while.

This is my sister Aprill and her youngest son, now 5.  I post this photo, because I believe it was the last photo I’ve taken of her where she wasn’t yelling at me LOL

Man, I was fluffy back then (okay I still am).  I’m glad to say I’ve lost about 30lbs since I took this photo.  Scary.  Me and Aprill, the bane of my existence lol Just joking, but sometimes….

I have other siblings, but I never really see them.  Heck I haven’t seen Aprill since 2007 and believe me no one is happy about it.  My Daddy was just telling me yesterday that he missed me and really wants me to come home.  I wish I could afford to go home this year.  But I can’t.  Maybe 2012 will be a better year.  I really hope so.  Daddy is getting up there in age, and while he isn’t sick, he isn’t 100% healthy either.  I do need to go home.

That is it for my little walk down memory lane.  I guess I’m really missing my family today.  Maybe I’ll go call Aprill.  Damn, better make sure I don’t have anything else to do first, I could be on that phone all day.  LOL  Ya’ll have a great day!

(Man I take bad photos LOL)


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2 thoughts on “Day 49 – A Walk Down Memory Lane

  1. Love the photos! You do look like your mom, at least partially. You have a mix of both parents (Obviously) but I think you look more like your mom than dad. Your sister looks more like your dad. I can see Andre in you as well but he seems to have a good mix of you and William.


  2. Thanks for all the pictures, Sunshine! I think you are beautiful and take great pictures! I’m the one who takes awful pictures. Anyway, I appreciate the treadmill picture. Mine should be delivered today between 3-5. I just better use the darn thing now!!! I want to keep off these 31 pounds that ive lost. Hoping to lose 9 more.
    Feel free to blog and show more pictures from your past. I love it!!!


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