Day 47 – Balancing Rock

I’ve been bad lately.  I haven’t been taking my camera out with me.  I attempted to take a camera out yesterday but guess what, it was dead LOL.  It flipped on to tell me it was dying and turned back off LOL.

Yesterday William had therapy, so I decided Andre and I would go shopping.  He needed dress shoes for National Honor Society.  I wanted to get him a coat too.  We had a good time together.  I had my coupons and off we went.  First Kohl’s.  We saw some nice shoes but the black weren’t on sale, just the brown version of them.  He can’t have brown dress shoes.  Great… But he did pick out a nice coat and a couple of shirts from a clearance rack.  Kohl’s was having a good sale yesterday, most things were 50% off, which was awesome since I only had a 15% coupon.

Still in search for shoes, I was going to head to the mall.  Something I really didn’t want to do.  But there is a Famous Footwear right next door to Kohl’s which I’d forgotten about so we went over there.  We found a really nice pair of Stacy Adams on the clearance rack for $30.  Hot dog!  Plus I had a 20% off coupon.

We did so good that we headed to Target.  He needed lotion and I needed chap stick and if you ask him he needed some coffee too lol.  So some Neutrogena and Burts Bees later we were headed to Starbucks.  Little did he know what I had planned for him.  I had no problem with him getting coffee, because I was heading home to wash my truck… and he was going to help :).

We ran through the car wash to get rid of most of the mud.  I’d ridden behind a Silverado this last snow storm, and I swear it was plowing the road as it drove and everything it plowed off the street seemed to land on me.  My truck was muddy head to toe, and since I’m a midget and can only reach the roof of the truck with a step-ladder I always run through the car wash first.  The car wash never gets it completely clean so that is where the cleaning clothes and my favorite can of cleaning wax comes in.  She looks brand new again 🙂

Andre did an awesome job helping me.  He even did the rims.  He did that while I was doing the second trip around the truck with my buffing cloth.  Other than the scratches where I bumped a curb a couple of weeks ago the rims look brand new too lol.

William pulled up as we were finishing up.  And then commenced whining when I said I was in for the day because he wanted to go shopping next.  It worked out great because Peterson AFB PX/BX had a Saints Jersey on sale.  It is on Andre’s Christmas list, so we grabbed it while we were there.  I think he has 2 things left on his list.  Crocs sent me a coupon this week, so that’s done.  He asked for a couple Avenged Sevenfold CD’s so I’ll probably just download those and put them on his iPod while he’s sleeping on Christmas Eve.  Oh… and that damn bike.  I still haven’t figured out where to hide that.

Andre had a good day, he let me in on a secret.  He doesn’t mind going out with me, shopping with me, he just doesn’t like to go when it’s all three of us.  So we’ve made plans to go out together at least once a month while Williams at therapy.  I like that.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.  I ran all my errands yesterday so I’m in til tomorrow.  I’m off to do some laundry and catch up on my DVR.  That thing is half full.  BFN!

I took this photo so you could see how big this rock is.  The man you see is taking a picture of his daughter that he had holding up the rock for his photo lol.

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3 thoughts on “Day 47 – Balancing Rock

  1. Cool rock formations. I’m so glad you had some one on one time with Andre. Kids love that extra special time you spend with them. It’ll be cherrished in your memories too. You mentioned sales and it got me to thinking about the app I have on my phone that might have been able to save you a little bit more money, it’s called GeoQpons I love the app because I find coupons on it that I can’t get in sale flyers or a newspaper.


    1. We already spend so much time together 1 on 1 that I just assumed he wouldn’t want to hang out more… guess I was wrong.


  2. That rock is huge! I always enjoyed one on one time with my kids, too. Makes them feel special and loved (I hope!). Too bad you can’t come over and wash my car. I hate doing that! Give me a car wash place any day! Enjoy your DVR day. I’m going to record NCIS today. I think there’s 13 episodes on then a movie at 9pm with Mark Harmon. Baby!!!!! On the USA channel.


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