Day 44 – Cactus

Good morning.  Well it snowed… again.  But not a whole lot.  Looking at my porch, it snowed about an inch.  But it’s been in the 60’s since the last snow, so when it hit the ground it melted.  And since it dipped below our 28° freezing point up here in these here mountains, it refroze.  So when I looked out the window this morning, the streets were iced over.  It’s bad when you can look from a 2 story window and see it’s ice and not snow.

William asked me to take him to work this morning.  Which I had no problem with.  But that was when I thought I’d be back by 9:30 to take Andre to school.  Luckily about halfway to his job we got another call from the school saying school was cancelled.  They kinda had to since the roads were so bad this morning and no one is gonna be able to salt the sidewalks to the school.  I mean most of the kids walk to school, so on bitter cold mornings and icy mornings his school usually closes.

I’ve had quite a few people tell me over the years how smart I am.  I don’t see it personally, I am just a vault for useless information LOL.  If it’s something I’ll never need to know, I probably know it.  But in situations like the one I was just in, I’m not that smart.  Today is garbage day.  William’s car blocks the garbage can when it’s in the garage so I had to move it in order to get the garbage out.  This is where the extra brain cells would have come in useful.  I backed Williams car, with the barely there treads, down the icy driveway this morning in order to take out the garbage can out.  Then I couldn’t get it back up said icy driveway LOL.  GENIUS!  So I broke out the salt and salted the sidewalks, the steps, and the driveway.  The ice started to immediately crack and slush up.  15 minutes later I got Williams car back in the garage.  It’s not allowed out again today.  So I’ll be getting a letter from the HOA this weekend about the fact that my trash can stayed on the curb past pick up.  They can kiss my ass.  I really hate the Homeowners Association.  HEAR THAT SOARING EAGLE, KISS IT!

Today’s photo is of a cactus.  Reminds me of warmer days.  So I decided to post it.  This photo was taken at the Garden of the Gods.

I hope everyone is staying warm today.  I’m off to do some housework.  I got Andre to help me so I might as well get that room of his cleaned 🙂  BFN!

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2 thoughts on “Day 44 – Cactus

    1. It does get pretty cold up here, I mean bitter cold. But it never lasts for long. Usually it’s hovering in the 40’s and 50’s around here. I guess that is why the Cacti are able to survive. That combined with the fact that unless it’s snowing the sun is always out.


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