Day 38 – Marigolds

I guess I’ve missed being in my office.  I’m really productive down here.  Stuff that I forget to do til the last minute, appointments to make, phone calls to return, I remember them if I’m sitting at my desk.  I’m not happy about the untimely demise of my macbook, but I’m happy to be getting something done for a change.  Okay, let me rephrase that.  I am getting everything done but my housework LOL.  Don’t worry as soon as I’m done here I plan to head up to the kitchen to run the dishwasher and steam the kitchen floor.  Having access to my laptop means I would have done that first LOL.

Yesterday I had phone calls to make.  I had to call NCDMV about William’s registration.  I had to call CODMV about mines.  My temporary tags for my truck expire today, so I called yesterday to see if they had my title in the system yet, because I hadn’t been notified.  Big shock, they still haven’t received the paperwork from the dealership… 2 months later.  I swear they are batting 1000.

North Carolina is requiring an inspection on Williams car.  They wanted an emissions inspection but I refuse to drive to Denver to get it for them.  So they are going to have to settle for what I feel like giving them.  No worries, I already told them I wasn’t driving the hour plus to get them an emissions inspection so they agreed to take whatever the dealership gives us.  There is a hitch in the gitty up.  Williams car has a tiny hole somewhere in the radiator system.  I’m  hoping it’s in the radiator because we have a warranty that covers it.  I made him an appointment today that will check for the leak.  With the snow coming in tonight I want to make sure things are okay for tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed for a quick, relatively inexpensive solution lol.  We’ll get the inspection done fax it to NC along with is orders and they will release his registration renewal.

I’ve also finally made an appointment at the Kia dealership for my truck.  Every since I’ve had the car when you lean on the door something pops.  I am thinking something wasn’t screwed down correctly at the plant.  So they’ll fix it tomorrow.  Oh crap… tomorrow it’s supposed to be snowing.  Okay.  I might have to rethink that.  Hopefully tomorrows weather isn’t as bad as they are forecasting it to be.

Can you see my thought process as I’m typing this…. LOL

But l like I said, being in my office again, full time, is making me more productive on the things outside of the house that have to be done.  If I’d have been upstairs with my laptop on the side of the bed I wouldn’t have remembered to make calls to NCDMV til it’s too late in the evening to call.  Biggest problem with being back at my desk is… I’ve almost buried it again under the hill of paperwork that I’ve been needing to make these calls LOL.  Okay.  Time for me to get moving.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.  I know I am.  At least so far.  BFN!

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