Day 35 – Fall

Yesterday I was out wandering aimlessly, and I took my camera.  I got some beautiful fall leaves, but not like whole trees because I always find Colorado trees either ugly or sickly lookin lol.  I took this picture above at the ball-field across the street from the house.  Perfect shot from my side of the city.  I know where to go now to take my night shot… that is if the lights are off at the field.  The mountains look all foggy because the clouds were starting to cover them.  It’s not fog, it’s not smog, it’s cloud cover.  I thought it was really pretty.  I half expected it to rain after seeing this but it never did.

While I was there I also tried to get Andre to take a driving lesson, but my little chickadee wasn’t having it LOL.  Hopefully he’ll be ready soon for his first lessons.  I knew the basics when I was his age, but things were different back then.  How old were your babies when you first took them out for their first driving lesson?

Some of the trees are really starting to redden up.  Mostly the maples.  The rest of the neighborhood trees are that sickly looking yellow lol.  You won’t see much of that.  I was drawn to all the pretty red and orange leaves so I’ll be posting those photos rather randomly.

See, the streets are lined with either coniferous or those trees that turn a sickly yellow.  I’ve honestly not walked over to them to see what they are.  The tree in my yard is still green.  I think we might have watered it too much this year LOL

Kinda didn’t focus where I’d hoped, but in my defense, it was a little windy so the leaves that were in the center blew to the edge LOL.

I love the fall of the year, perfect weather, usually, beautiful coloring on the trees, as long as it hasn’t rained too much, and a huge break in the heat index.  LOVE IT!  I don’t mind being out this time of year.  Not so much in the winter either.  Just ask William… it’s nothing for me to bundle up and go for a walk in the winter.  You can always put on enough to be warm, but you can’t exactly walk around naked to stay cool.  I almost drove him crazy the last couple winters because after dinner I’d want to go walking.  It’s like 10 degrees outside and the sun is long since down, but it felt so good to be out in the cold… and I always slept so good on the nights I did that.

Okay, that’s enough for today.  I’m going to get up and get going.  It’s SATURDAY!!!  Things to do.  I’m off to the Farmers Market.  BFN!

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2 thoughts on “Day 35 – Fall

  1. Love those close up pictures of leaves! I should have tried that with my camera. Next year. Can’t wait to see the picture at night looking over your part of the city at the mountains.


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