Day 34 – Garden of the Gods

Today’s blog is being brought to you by a perfect over easy egg on toast I had for breakfast this morning lol.  I just love cutting the sandwich in half and watching the plate fill with yolk.  So yummy.  Anyway… On with the photos.  I think that the photos, for the most part are boring.  I have another trip to the GG planned, because there is so much I missed, like getting turned around on a trail thanks to William and not getting the photos I went down that trail for.

Next time… There is supposedly a trail close by the house, it’s a rather boring one with no rocks I believe and the incline is only about 150 ft… but I have been trying to figure out how to get to this lake since I moved to Colorado Springs, and I think that particular trail leads to the lake I pass at least once a week on my way to Post.  If I find it and there is anything worth photographing, you’ll be the first to know.  I might wait til the first real snow to do it though, everything here looks better with a coat of snow on it.

I am thinking that this is a far away photo of Balancing Rock… but I’m not 100% sure, it just doesn’t look right.  There is a parking lot in front of Balancing Rock and I don’t really see it here.  I did finally make it down there though.  I walked from the top of the park to the bottom (where Balancing Rock is) plus some trails.  I was so tired when I finally made it back to the top of the park where I parked my car lol.

I think the red thing is a vine.  The fall colors are getting better, but I have just been so busy I haven’t taken any photos.  Maybe I’ll go for a walk this evening when the light is better.

Another shot of the 2nd snow on the peak.  That’s it for today.  I’m going to watch last nights Grey’s and then I guess some laundry.  Gotta find something to do and since I did get a little yolk on my comforter I guess I should wash it LOL  BFN!

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