Day 31 – Garden of the Gods

Morning!  I am sorry I didn’t blog yesterday.  Andre has been sick with a cold since last week and being in this house with him over the course of the weekend lead to me not feeling so well yesterday.  I’m not sure I am catching the cold, but I’m catching something.  I was so achy and sick feeling yesterday.  You know that feeling you get… you feel awful but there isn’t really anything wrong with you.  (no sneezing, no coughing)  I took some vitamins and drank lots of black tea and I felt better by the end of the night.  Today my nose is a little runny but I feel miles better than this time yesterday.

Anyway, I haven’t been taking photos lately.  There were some night scenes I wanted to take from my bedroom window, but I’m scared to pop out the screen to do it.  I’m scared it’ll accidentally land on the roof and how would I get it back lol.  Man I’m really rambling today lol.  So anyway, I’ve decided to post some of the Garden of the Gods photos.

Some of the formations actually have names, so if I run across one that I know the name of I’ll tell you what it’s called.

I commented on this photo again below.

I believe this to be 3 graces, but I’m looking at it from the wrong angle to know for sure.  I have a better photo of it I’ll post later.  I think they call it that because when you look at it from the other side it looks like three hands clasped in prayer.Okay, that’s it for today.  I am off to strip beds 😦  The life of a housewife.  Does it get more exciting :|.  BFN!

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5 thoughts on “Day 31 – Garden of the Gods

  1. So nice to see such pretty sunny scenery! It’s been grey wet and cold here and the windows have been sealed because of it … which of course means my allergies have been active! I keep hearing you say,”Crack a window!”


    1. It’s almost always sunny here. In the fall/winter if the sun isn’t out it’s because it’s snowing. Yes I’d say crack a window. Can you open a door for a little while maybe. You have to cycle out some of that stale air. How’ve you been otherwise, I haven’t seen you online or heard from you in a while.


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