Day 27 – My Stalker & Me

The word for today Kiddies is Stalkativity — A stalkers ability to sneak around and stalk a person leaving the person completely unaware of what’s happening.  (A stalkers secret activities.)

I have a stalker.  I only say this now because I was unaware of the level of stalkativity before lol.  I synced my iPhone today to find pics of me that I couldn’t have possible taken in it.  So today’s blog is brought to you by William.  With the exception of the last photo which he took with my camera.  Gotta teach that man how to zoom lol.

Man I really got dark that day.  Anyway, I was previewing a photo I’d just taken while all this was going down.  He kept calling me, but I was ignoring him.  I’m getting really good at it too lol.  

This photos are untouched, but they look pretty good considering he took them with my phone.  Speaking of the iPhone.  Who’s thinking about getting the new iPhone 4S?  I still have the 3GS, and am only considering the upgrade because my mute button doesn’t really work anymore.  You know… that little switch on the side?  Yeah mines sometimes works, and sometimes doesn’t.  I figure it’ll be cheaper to get the new one than try to fix this one.  The last time I went to visit the “genius bar” It cost me, but it was worth it, it was for my Macbook…. this is a phone. Hopefully all my information easily transfers in.  Plus I kinda like the Siri feature.  Especially if it works for text messaging.  Like I need a lazier feature than texting.

Anyway… This last photo William took of me up at Garden of the Gods.  It’s not bad.  I think I was mid-sentence when he took it  but it is still not half bad.

He never uses my camera, so I put it on an auto setting but I forgot to teach him how to zoom.  Nonetheless this is pretty good.  Except for me yapping anyway.  But I got a few pictures of him with his eyes closed (and one where he looks like a deer in the headlights) so I guess we’re even lol.

You know something I’ve noticed trees aren’t turning the beautiful colors they used to in the fall of the year.  Remember when we were kids that pile of leaves seemed so vivid and alive with color.  Now all the leaves are like yellow and then just dead.  I have found a few trees out here that have turned red… but I never have a camera handy.  However even while I was up at the Garden of the Gods I noticed most of the leaves are yellow.  Except for this one vine… at least I think it was a vine.  I haven’t edited the photos yet, nor have I looked at them really since I uploaded them, but I remember this one tree that have some red leaves intertwined in it.  I want to say it was a vine.  But it was really pretty.  Better than plain old yellow sickly looking leaves.  Maybe I’ll post it next time.

That’s it for now.  I’ve done NOTHING today, and I’m starting to feel guilty about it.  I hope everyone is having a great day. BFN!


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2 thoughts on “Day 27 – My Stalker & Me

  1. Love the pictures of you! I’m glad you had stalker with you that day. Your phone got some pretty good pictures. As for the iphone 4S I’m going to pass on that one. I just got my iphone 4 in April I think it was so I’m not due for another phone for a year and a half yet. Doesn’t it suck that they make you wait so long for a new one always? All of us got a phone and everyone’s has broken or is just a piece of shit except for mine. When I am able to replace mine I’m going to go with whatever new iphone is available at the moment because I love it so much.


    1. Well I’ve had my iPhone for about a year and a half so I’m ready. Not like you can use your upgrade towards the purchase of a new iPhone anyway. I just figured that out with AT&T. I don’t think I’ll get it right away, I can wait a little while to see what the complaints are about it. William has a Samsung smartphone, not sure what it is… he’s with Verizon still. Anyway, his phone is holding up well, especially considering how hard he is on phones. So that’s an idea as well. I’ve found the cheaper the phone the shorter shelf life it has.

      I just read this blog, since I didn’t have time to do that earlier… man I sure did ramble in circles today didn’t I lol I’ll be better about that in the future I promise.


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