Day 23 – Christmas

Yep, you guessed it, I changed the subject!  lol  The last couple days I’ve been thinking about everyone’s Christmas list.  William’s being more pitiful than Andre’s.  They never tell me about the good stuff they want, they just give me the little stuff.  So I have snoop around to figure out the rest.

The economy sucks and we’ve been hit hard this year.  Between the house in NC and the vet bills, we’re just starting to rebound.  (knock on wood)  I know you guys have money-saving tips for the holidays.  Care to share?  I’ve already started looking through eBay and Amazon for ideas, but damn, you can’t even look to them for deals anymore.  I saw a Ralph Lauren jacket for like $300…. I could get a better deal at the outlet.  A bike that Andre saw at the PX, and liked, was actually cheaper at the PX than eBay or Amazon… but it was on sale at Toys r us.  Which gives me another problem.  There’s no storage in this house, so where do you hide a friggin bike LOL.

William is already threatening me with Black Friday shopping but I just can’t do it.  I used to when Andre was younger and I was more patient.  But I’ve found I like people a lot less than I used to and all the bumping and pushing just pisses me off now.  Everyone has their secrets on how they save money during the holidays.  I also know that we haven’t technically entered “the holiday” zone yet.  But in this house we are getting a late start.  We normally start Christmas shopping in September. So come on… share people, how do you save money while Christmas shopping?


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One thought on “Day 23 – Christmas

  1. You aren’t the only one who got hit hard. With Steve being unemployeed twice for a total of 1 year in a 2 year time span we still haven’t caught up on all the bills we ran up. This is our third year in a row that we have completely cut out all gifts outside from just members of our immediate household, that of our son and one friend of mine. It’s been a tough reality for our kids who use to have a 1000 budget each year. We cut the girls down to 100 each and our son, his wife, and their son each got 50. My best friend got a handmade gift that I maybe spent 10. We gave each other nothing but peace of mind that we weren’t going to go into terrible debt. I use to get diamonds and expensive toys for Christmas.

    This year our budget will probably have to stay about the same monitary wise because we have an extra grandchild to buy for and we have Caleb (Casey’s boyfriend). That doesn’t sound like much but for someone with a tight budget it’s all we can do.

    I’ve already started gifts for the grandkids, both for Christmas and their birthdays (April & Aug.) because I got a really good bargain. Target puts out printable coupons on their website and last month they had $2. off kid jeans. I was able to print off 2 coupons so I got 2 pairs of jeans on clearance for Jack. One for xmas and the other for his birthday. They also had printable coupons for other clothing so I picked up other clearance sale stuff that will fit both grandkids for their birthday’s in the sizes they will be in. Those clothes were $2 or less each.

    I usually get gift cards for Steve and his family because I have to mail their presents. As you know mailing stuff can get EXPENSIVE! Gift cards are cheaper and I buy them at our local grocery store because the grocery store then offers you money off per gallon of gas. Usually after the holidays I get about 50 cents off per gallon because of the gift card purchases. It doesn’t sound like much but it’s money back into my wallet.

    For the friend I made her a beaded scarf in some of her favorite colors. It took a little while because it was intricate. She loved it, and I spent less than 10 with JoAnn coupons to buy both the yarn and beads. This weekend when I get some more JoAnn coupons I’m going to buy some yarn and knit her an afghan to throw on her couch.

    To sum up a very long ass reply… watch target for coupons to use in their store, if you also have a manufactured coupon you can use both on one item. Make a gift or two if you know how to knit or crochet. If you don’t know how to knit or crochet there are free directions on the internet. You can also make gifts from your kitchen. Flavored oils are easy to find recipes for as are cookies, soap, or whatever it is you think you can make. Oh and there’s homemade chocolates, those are easy. I especially like the recipe where you put a hershey kiss or rollo on top of a square pretzel and then top it off with an m & m when the middle candy has melted down into the pretzel. Those are sooooo good! They look pretty too.


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