Day 21 – The Paint Mines

Good morning everyone.  Ever had a song stuck in your head?  Well for 2 days Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger has been stuck in my head.  It’s horrible.  I didn’t take my Lunesta last night because it was too late when I thought about it.  So my brain turned back on at 3am like clockwork and here goes Adam & Christina Moving like Jagger.  I can’t forget that pill tonight lol.  Oh and thanks G105 for playing that song right on queue.  I love I Heart Radio.  Best app ever!

Okay so you didn’t come here to hear me whine about not sleeping.  You came for photos.  So the plan was for me to revisit the Garden of the Gods this weekend, to get y’all some fresh photos.  God knows I could use the exercise.  However, the forecast is calling for a 52 degree rainy day.  So I’m not 100% sure, that plus we’re apparently having a little mountain lion problem out here.  Apparently they’ve been having problems with them being out in the open in a very public part of some park here.  I don’t know about you, but, I’m not willing to run across a mountain lion for the sake of some photos.  So I’ll keep you updated lol.  Jan, do you see all that color over in there?  That’s what you have to look forward to.  Okay, so I LOVE this photo.  It’s not my favorite one, I haven’t gotten to that one yet, but look at all those beautiful color bands.  I read somewhere that the iron ore in the rock (?), in the soil (?)that causes all those colors.  Not sure which one at this point.  Awesome right?

Yeah, all that in the lower right hand corner is pink.  So beautiful.

Okay, I’m going to stop here for today.  I’m trying to pace y’all after all I did take over 100 photos.  You won’t get every single one of them, because I have a couple duplicates, but I’m gonna try my best to squeeze them all in here.  I hope this series isn’t boring you too terribly much.  I can always go off subject and come back at a later date if you’d like.  Yes Jan, I’m talking to you lol.  I have to go prep for dinner.  Yes I know it’s 8:15am, but I have to do a pantry check and probably run to the store.  BFN!



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2 thoughts on “Day 21 – The Paint Mines

  1. I love all the pretty colors in the rocks. Trying to decide which one is best is kind of pointless because they’re all so pretty. I just want to reach out and touch all the rocks and marvel in the colors. Whatever pictures you decide to share with us is up to you. No matter what I’ll enjoy whatever it is you decide to post. I clicked on the Garden of the gods link… oooh! That’s going to be a really cool hike too. Stay safe if you go. Maybe take some mace with you if you decide to go???


    1. Mace is a good idea, I just happen to have some too. The Paint Mines were so beautiful, and I took so many pretty photos that I want to share them all. After all this is my year in photos right? There are so many things to see up here that you wouldn’t see back east, I want to take them all in… and take y’all along with me for the ride, well rather, hike.


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