Day 20 – The Paint Mines

The legend continues lol.  Okay, so apparently the clays deposited in the Paint Mines more than 55 million years ago, have I mentioned that before.  Kinda reads familiar.  It is said that the Native Americans used this area as a hunting ground.  The Badland breaks and gullies may have been used as overlooks and places to trap bison.  Okay, that’s it for today’s history lesson lol.  I think I’m more interested in the fact that the Native Americans once used this area than anything else lol.

I found the plants out there to be so interesting.  This looks so familiar to me but I couldn’t and still can’t quite place it.  It’s a shame I’m too lazy to look it up lol.

I so loved the pink bands on these rocks.  I hate that you can’t really see just how pink they were.  It was like a bubblegum pink almost.  So cool.

Okay, that’s it for today.  Okay, just one more, the sun was so pretty in this shot, but it stole something from the pretty of the rock.

Man that hurts my eyes… okay, that’s it for today… no really it is.  BFN!  Oh and in case you’re wondering, these are going up in the order in which I took them.  Have a wonderful day everyone!

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3 thoughts on “Day 20 – The Paint Mines

  1. I hate Colorado with a PASSION. HOWEVER! There are some beautiful sites here. Come on out! You know I’d welcome you with open arms these Colorado Springs. Rose hips huh?

    Nominating me to go hiking every weekend huh? With winter coming I don’t know how that would possible work out. However I am considering a few things, like Seven Falls for Christmas. It’s gonna be so friggin cold up there, but I really want to see the Falls for Christmas. They supposedly light the falls in honor of the holiday. I’m thinking of taking you guys back to The Garden of the Gods next weekend. We’ll see. We could use the family time if nothing else ya know. That is if I can get Andre out of the house this time. He wouldn’t go to the Paint Mines with us. Actually it was supposed to be just me going out there, but William decided he wanted to go with. Okay, now who’s off the subject lol.


  2. The colors on the rocks are so beautiful! I want to go there, I really do! The second picture looks like rose hips… aka roses. I have some rose hips growing on some of my plants that I forgot to trim. I thought maybe one of these days I’d try eating them to see what they taste like. I know they make rose hip jelly so it can’t be bad, right? WAYYYYY off track here…. Love the photos! I am now nominating you to go hiking every weekend and bring back photos. LOL


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