Day 18 – Surprise!

Okay, this week I was trying to come up with something I could do that would create a week long series of photos.  I finally came up with it this morning.  Just required some hiking and rock climbing to pull it off.  I must really love blogging LOL.

So early this morning, I dragged myself up to my feet, and got dressed to go out.  I wore sweatpants, which protected me from the rocks and the sun.  Wish I had worn some sleeves, because I forgot the sunblock.  It’s okay, I’ve been ducking the sun all summer, I could use a little more color.  I forgot my friggin gloves too… genius that I am.  But I still got some pretty good shots which I will share with you throughout the week.

Today I went to The Paint Mines, just for you.

Trust me it was just for you, because I’m gonna be some kinda sore tomorrow lol.  Now, here is the disclaimer that goes with this particular blog series.  I took photos of plants and flowers, probably weeds.  I don’t know the name of any of them.  I am beyond the realm of wanting to look them up so don’t ask lol.  Just marvel in their uniqueness, please 🙂

The Paint Mines have about 4 miles of trails.  Some of which actually wind throughout the paint mines rock formations.  Now there are signs everywhere asking you to not climb the rocks, and I didn’t climb any dangerous or fragile looking ones.  The Paint Mines are located in Calhan, Co.  Only about a 30 minute drive East from my house.  They say the best time to visit the park is between May and June, but I didn’t know about it then lol.

The Paint Mines are formed from the Dawson Arkose, a sedimentary rock formation laid down about 55 million years ago. The bright colors are clays spiked with oxidized iron. (taken from the

This is the first thing you see as you start down the trail.  Not much to it but I thought it was pretty.

Lets just say I went off the trail A LOT.

This is as you enter the part where the actual rock formations start.  Looks good huh?  Did to me til I started climbing them lol.  Okay.  That’s it for today.  Want to see more?  Come back tomorrow 🙂  BFN!

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2 thoughts on “Day 18 – Surprise!

  1. Very pretty! Thanks for taking a hike for us readers. I love going on hikes, especially when others do the hiking for me. LOL The last picture is really pretty. Can’t wait to see more tomorrow.


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