Day 17 – Baby’s First Bath

This morning has been productive so far.  I had to get my runny nose to the allergist this morning for shots and decided today was the day.  I stopped at the gas station, gassed up, and purchased my first car wash since I’ve had the truck.  As you know, those no touch car washes so seldom get your car clean.  So I then had to come home and really give baby her first bath.

Meet my arsenal.  I came home and commenced cleaning.  Since the car wash has loosened any dirt that could scratch the finish I was perfectly fine whipping out my can of cleaning wax to finish the job.  I love this stuff.  It’s not as good as a good detailers wax, but it’s still pretty damn good.  It gets off any dirt remaining, including bug juice, and waxes your car at the same time.  Awesome stuff!

I rainx’ed the outside windows, windex’ed the inside windows amorall’ed and I think I gave myself black lung from cleaning the tires, but she’s spotless.  I think she enjoyed her first bath.

Look at baby’s smile 🙂  BFN all.  I’m off to the commissary.  Mamma needs some powerade LOL.

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6 thoughts on “Day 17 – Baby’s First Bath

  1. Kia Sorento. I understand that. Last year when we drove to Virginia I think we slaughtered every bug between here and there. By the time we came back 2 months later their grandchildren were old enough to get squashed. I’ve never seen so many bugs on the front of one car. Took forever to get them off too. I’d have to go to Pueblo to get my free carwash. Just not worth it. Yep, cars should be like ovens. Just flip the switch and it gets all clean.


  2. Pretty car! What kind is it? My car needs a serious bath. We took it to Michigan last weekend and on the drive home we hit hundreds of bugs… I have the proof it was that many because they’re still stuck to my car. Anyway I meant to take it to the dealer this week and have them do it (they do it for free anytime I want) but I got lazy. Maybe I’ll just run it through a car wash instead. Don’t you wish cars would clean themselves? Inside and out of course.


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