Day 16 – Good Morning!

Good morning WordPressers.  First off, I’d like to say, Jan… I don’t know how you did it.  I am already starting to lose track of the days and I don’t post every day.  But I do try.

Last night was a Lunesta free night.  I didn’t take it because I wanted to get up and take the night photo of the mountain, and it’s lights.  I fell asleep around 10pm and like clockwork I was laying in the bed at 3am with my brain racing.  Wide awake.  So I got up, went to the closet, flipped on the light, and grabbed a pair of sweatpants.  I came back into the bedroom to grab the Olympus and it was gone.  I took the Canon, but I knew the photos would suck because it takes horrible night shots.

And lo and behold it did, take horrible shots that is.  I’m seeing one thing, and it saw something totally different.  You can barely see anything, except for the lights anyway.  Now I do understand it was pitch black outside, not even any moonlight to cast some light on the mountain… but to me that is the most beautiful time here.  2 – 4 am when it’s just you and the stars.  But unfortunately it didn’t make for very good photos, so I guess I’ll have to wait til a full moon to try it again.

Andre gave me back the Olympus this morning btw lol.  He’d borrowed it for school.

So William has been teasing me about Christmas.  We make Christmas lists in September, it gives you plenty of time to save or buy whatever is on it.  Andre’s list is kinda skimpy, so I’m going to have to use my imagination.  My list had one thing on it this year.  Because it’s big, rather expensive.  I simply put Nikon DSLR.  I didn’t want to be picky and name the exact model, I mean I’d be willing to start with a more basic one, because I need to learn how to use it anyway.  I haven’t used a camera similar to that since high school.

So, William is all ‘I got your present… wanna know what it is?’  So of course I say no, because it’s September and Christmas is still months away.  He’s like dying.  He wants to ruin it so bad.  ‘You’re gonna love it’ he says… I said if you ruin Christmas I’m gonna start adding other stuff to the list lol so he finally shut up lol.  I hope it’s what I think it is.  I want to take a photography class, but not with a point and shoot, ya know.  Not that I think you could.  I want to become proficient enough where I can pull off the shots I can sometimes see in my head.  I saw this photograph once, I guess the lens had been left open for the shot, because the light all swirled continuously, it was so awesome.  I want to be able to do stuff like that too ya know.

Okay that’s it, I need to get up and get moving.  Stuff to do… always stuff to do.  BFN!

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2 thoughts on “Day 16 – Good Morning!

  1. First off, Jan it was like 4 in the morning, do you really think I was dragging out a tripod? lol There is so much detail that my naked eye could see but my camera just wasn’t able to do anything with it. I am okay at night shots, not good, but okay. I just hate that if you don’t use a tripod you get that little shake while it processes the photo and sometimes they get blury. I guess that’s where the tripod comes in huh LOL My Canon doesn’t have that night feature like my Sony did or even like that Olympus does. So it just kept flashing open flash at me. LOL

    Awwww, thanks Jan 🙂 wanted to take a photography class for a long time. Just haven’t had the right camera for it. But this year I put the right camera on my Christmas list, so hopefully I’ll get it and I’ll have a new set of photos to share in the New Year. Homework lol.


  2. I don’t think the photo is too terribly bad, I just think you need a tripod. Night shots are hard to do no matter what the camera. I have a lot of trouble with them. I can’t wait to see what the photos look like in the moonlight. Your picture inspired me to give night shots a try again because I just plain suck at them.

    You want to take a photography class huh? I’m excited! Why? Because it’s good to see you excited about something. For as long as I’ve known you I don’t recall you being excited about doing something for YOU. Putting yourself as a priority is really awesome to see. I’m proud of you.


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