Day 14 – Memories

This photo is of more Ornamental grass… but it reminds me of my childhood.  I grew up, in the middle of no where, in NC.  We had 16 Acres, 8 of which were usually covered in some kind of grain.  We grew quite a bit of hay there.  Our property sat snuggled in between 2 dairy farms, so guess who used to reap the benefits of the hay planted every year lol.

We also had a very nice orchard.  We never charged, everyone was always free to go down there and pick whatever they wanted.  We had canning pears, which I prefer to the ones in the grocery stores.  They were so coarse, but so sweet.  We grew muscadine grapes.  My cousins and I would sit on down there and eat those til we got sick.  Peaches, plums, apples, I loved it.

Back then Grandma even had a garden.  She grew everything in there.  We’d get meat from the store, raw milk from the neighbors (I only just realized yesterday that this is probably the reason I don’t like pasteurized milk), and everything else came from our land.  It was nice back then.  I mean Grandma was a beast, but she was one hell of a gardener lol.  That woman could grow anything.

I’d like to say I’d go back to NC and plant a garden and live off the land, but truth of the matter is, my back yard, which is a good-sized yard, is partially red clay.  So in order to even consider this I’d have to have the back yard graded and have quite a few feet of dirt replaced.  It’s just the back side of the yard which is clay but that is like the best place to put a garden.  I don’t know, I guess we’ll see just what I’m willing to do when I get home.  I must have this beautiful cedar tree trimmed back and Zoies Rhododendron removed so we can replace the fence, maybe once the fence is up it’ll be worth considering.

Anyway, yesterday and the day before, I posted photos of this tree/shrub I think is a hibiscus.  I would like to have gotten a better look at it, but truth of the matter is I was standing on a sidewalk taking the photo over a sea of sunflowers and lavender.  It was in someone else’s yard.  I couldn’t exactly go get a better shot, but I do have another shot LOL.  So here it is.

Okay, that’s it for today.  I am thinking of some ways to get some new material for you guys.  I’m thinking on a week-long series, but I haven’t narrowed down on what just yet.  BFN!

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3 thoughts on “Day 14 – Memories

  1. Your grandma fried the field corn? I think I would have liked tobacco growing across from me, I’d dry it, roll it, and smoke it! Well not anymore but I did when I was a teenager, er, well a little before I turned teen. I wasn’t the best of kids. LOL


  2. I find it funny that I’ve known you for all these years and didn’t know you grew up on a farm. I also find it funny that you call your grandma a gardener when she had a farm. I love your grass picture, it reminds me so much of wheat… the stuff I grew up around. I lived in town but I had a farm neighboring my backyard and I loved it when they grew wheat or corn. The wheat was so pretty and the corn was so much fun to play hide and seek. Ah good memories your picture and blog bring back. 🙂 BTW, if you want some pears I have a pear tree in my front yard covered in pears and it’s only a young tree. It must be the year for pears because last year we didn’t get anything from it. I’m lovingi your picture blogs. Keep ’em coming!


    1. I never considered her a farmer… once she got sick, she rented the land to the dairy farmers and they continued planting whatever they needed for their cows. I considered her a gardener because she spent way more time puttering in that garden than she ever did working the land lol. It wasn’t a farm btw, we didn’t have animals or anything unless the snapping turtle I caught and fed, the bunny I had and the chicken I got from my uncle count lol

      The dairy farmers owned the land across the street from us. They grew corn there every year til I was in my teens at which point they started doing tobacco instead. I loved the corn field… not the bugs in the cornfield though LOL I used to steal corn from their field lol… my Grandma made the best fried corn. Is there anything better than fresh sweet corn?


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