Day 1 – Bees & Butterfly Bushes

First day!  Are you ready?  Yeah, neither am I lol.  Unlike Jan who said she’d take a photo a day, I can’t promise every picture I post will be brand spanking new.  But it’ll be new to you 🙂  Like today’s photo was actually taken a couple of weeks ago.  But it’s pretty and I’ve been saving it for opening day.  So there 😛  lol.  Plus I figure some of the prettier spring, summer, fall photos can help us through the winter blues.

I love bees.  And they are rare to see out here.  Not a good sign of things to come.  Anyway, hope you enjoy this one more than I enjoyed trying to get a photo of it.  He kept moving, the little stinker.  He’s happily buzzing around a multicolored butterfly bush.

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2 thoughts on “Day 1 – Bees & Butterfly Bushes

  1. I like it! Weird you’re not seeing as many bees as before. I know they dropped off in number for a few years there and it was rare to see a honey bee even though we use to live a mile from a bee farm. This year though there are tons of honey bees in my yard. I suspect they’re from a bee farm but I can’t imagine where it would be since we live with a woods that runs on the side and back of our neighborhood. The woods is about 20 acres with no farms on the other side of it. The other side of our development is a farm but I know the people who own it and they don’t have bees, they just have horses. So I can’t imagine were the bees are coming from if they’re not natural.


    1. Back home I planted flowering plants, especially lavender just for the sole purpose of drawing out the honey bees. This one was a bumblebee, but I was still happy to see he was hard at work lol. When I go back home I’ll have to replant everything it seems… my tenants have killed almost all my bushes and plants.


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