New York

Has always held a special place in my heart.  That’s where I was born and spent the first 7 years of my life.  That is where my family still resides to this day.  I love to visit, I hate the traffic, and it feels just like home.

But 10 years ago today, I wasn’t in NY.  I was in NC.  As a matter of fact.  10 years ago today, at 8:46am, I can tell you exactly where I was.  I was sitting on the back sidewalk behind my husband’s job at 7th SFG.  I was dropping him off for work.  The first plane hit as he was about to get out of the car, and they broke through the music to tell you what happened.  I was like, wth?  Someone can’t fly this morning?  My husband got out of the car, and I made my way off post.

I was going through the gate of Ft Bragg as the second plane hit.  At this point, I wasn’t making jokes.  I was panicked.  What the hell is going on?  I had to get home, and flip on the news.  Which I did.  To my horror, it wasn’t just a mistake, or a horrible accident.  It was something so much worse.  Immediately my mind went to my family.  My sister and brother.  My Dad.  Where were they?  Were they working or safely at home.  It would be days before I got an answer to these questions.  I’ve never quite gotten past the feeling.  And to this day have a hard time watching the footage more because of that than anything else.

I do know that 9/11 was more than just about NY, but to me that was the hardest part to deal with.  I mean I had friends working at the pentagon at the time, but they didn’t cross my mind for days.  All I could think about was my family.  The fear that I’d never see them again, and the guilt that I’d stayed away from home too long.

My family, all of them, turned out to be fine.  My brother wasn’t in the city that day, and my dad and sister, for whatever reason, weren’t working that day.  Thank God.  But not everyone can say that.  So many people lost family, friends, husbands, wives, children….. you get the point.  People they can never get back.  Will never see again in this life.  And my heart goes out to them all.

So on this day, lets remember all of the souls lost on that day.  Not the hate of what happened.  Lets remember, all the firefighters and cops that sacrificed their lives to help get everyone out safely.  All the people that were just going about a normal day at work and had no idea what was about to happen.  I hope and pray that all those souls went back to heaven, and that they aren’t trapped there for eternity doomed to relive their last moments.

Lets remember….. 9/11.


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