The Noise Outside My Bedroom Window

Yesterday I saw the crane in the neighborhood.  I knew what that meant.  Someone was getting a new roof.  A house up the block got a shingle delivery and my next door neighbor.  I saw the delivery guys as they were loading the shingles onto the roof of my neighbors house.  And I was like, Crap!  No peace tomorrow.  And I was right.

Bright and early this morning the trucks started to show up.  Then the shingles started coming off.  It sounded like someone was slamming a truck bed gate shut over and over and over again.  Then you slowly started hearing the hammering start.  So here I sit, about to lose my friggin mind.  The hammering!  THE HAMMERING!  It’s like they’re nailing shingles to my brain.

I’m going to finish watching last nights infuriating episode of Big Brother After Dark and I’m leaving this place.  (Jordan is about to get evicted 😦  that makes me sad)  Hopefully when I come back they’ll be done.  Or at least down the block.  Wish me luck!

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One thought on “The Noise Outside My Bedroom Window

  1. Sorry about the noise level. Hopefully they’re using air tools to apply the roof rather than traditional hammers so they can get it done faster and get out of there.


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