Meet My Nemeses

The big blue ball.  (from hell)  As I’ve mentioned before, I am in Physical Therapy for my knee and shoulder.  And as I’ve also mentioned I have to do my therapy on my knee at home now.  For the most part it’s not so bad.  I use this ball for all my knee exercises.  5 out of 6 of my exercises I stand and use this ball, however 2 of the 6 are balance exercises.  I have NO balance whatsoever.  And since the ball is evil every time I sit on it, I may get about 4 or 5 leg lifts in and I either fall off, like I did last night, or I come really close to falling off.

Leg lifts are evil… all I gotta say on that.

Then I have the one exercise I call, “the teapot”.  You stand upright with a leg bent and you have to bend over, while stretching your bent leg out and touch the ball to the floor without falling.  I have like the shittiest balance in the world because I totally can’t do more than a couple without having to put my foot down.  But at least I’m trying… it just takes forever lol.

There is a second big blue ball in the house, but it’s the fun one.  I say it’s the fun one solely because it’s the one that Andre sits on while he plays video games.  So he sits there and bounces and plays his game… it looks like fun.. except I know the purpose of that ball.  And it ain’t fun.

Okay, done venting… back to the ball I go. 😦

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One thought on “Meet My Nemeses

  1. I feel like these balls are trying to haunt me today. I opened up two different magazines today and there was a ball in each one haunting me and now your page is haunting me some more. I hate those balls because they mean work. I’m lazy, I don’t like work but I know my back feels and my posture straightens up if I use them. It’s just work though. So I feel for you, balls are not fun. As for the tea pot thing, I don’t think I could do it either. That kind of sounds like a garanteed face plant.


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