Interesting Things in the Blogosphere

Before I get started, I took the photo above on day last week and thought I’d share it…

Now, over the course of the last few weeks, I have run across some interesting blogs.  Wordpress’ front page, at least I think that it is the front page, points you toward the ‘freshly pressed’.  Now, not all of them are a hit, but I did find enough interesting stuff to keep me happily reading.  I thought I’d share a few links here today.

I’m not sure if I’m sharing the one that WordPress pointed me towards or not but I liked this particular post enough that I am going to share it anyway.  The name of the blog is On The Pavement.  The writer is Sarojini Seupersad, first name pronounced Sa ‘roo ja nee.  Ah, now I remember, the first blog of hers I read was The Art of the American Nickname.  And no I haven’t read all of her blogs… I just don’t have that much time on my hands.  But my favorite blog of hers has to be So, This Happened (Finally!)…  In this blog she responded to some highly developed ignorant person about a comment he wrote on The Art of the American Nickname.  Check it out… (Hey, I wouldn’t have suggested it if I didn’t think it would be a good read)  My only gripe with this blog is I can’t find a subscribe link to save my life… if you find it, send it my way woulda?

This next blog is called Project Palermo.  And no it’s not named after Project Runway lol.  I only mention that because she did.  The writers name is simply Palermo.  She writes a series of home improvement blogs.  My favorite has got to be Cathole: #2.  It gave me a great Idea for the laundry room door when I get back home.  She has done many other great projects as well though.  Check it out.  No really, go… but come back.  I’m not done yet lol.

My next and final blog for the day is Rantings of a Loon.  Last doesn’t mean it’s the least of the group.  Now I don’t know who the writer is other than sdazzle.  And to be honest, I’ve only read the one blog by him, as it left me a little heartbroken and I never did go back to read anything further.  That doesn’t mean his blog is worth reading, only that today is the first time I’ve ventured back to his blog.  The name of the blog I read was Silent Death-Alzheimer’s Disease Story-1988.  Yes as you can tell by the title it is sad, but it’s so worth the read.  So go read it.  And you don’t have to come back (today), unless you want to comment.  BFN!

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3 thoughts on “Interesting Things in the Blogosphere

  1. Thanks for the mention about my blog. You’re right, it’s not the easiest read in the world, but I think it’s about love and dedication. It’s also about the pain and joy I experienced as a photojournalist. I hope you come back. Not everything is quite so maudlin. Thanks again.


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