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Well today I took some time to skim, not read, my son’s new school handbook for the 2011/2012 school year. I didn’t read the whole thing because it’s 32 pages long and pretty out there. I mean I understand giving kids rules and structure, but its reading more like a military school rule book than a charter school handbook. They are supposed to be turning out the next generation of responsible dependable adults, not little cadets for the Air Force Academy. And the grading scale is so lax it’s laughable. You be the judge, click here to glimpse it for yourself.

The link should take you directly to the school website. Let me know if it doesn’t. Anyway…

Last year I contested the handbook and won because their tardy policy was by far one of the most ridiculous things I’d ever read. But I’ll be damn if they didn’t find a way to make it worse. Am I being overly sensitive? I mean I’m sending him there to get an education, but I feel more like they are trying to conform him. But into what?

Tomorrow we have Mandatory Show Day at my son’s school. I don’t think I’ll take him along I mean why drag him back into that school before necessary right? I think I’ll let him enjoy his sleep while I’m down there fuming like always. Those people make me so mad. And the sheep just sit back and except everything because they are scared of getting kicked out. I know that’s why. Well that’s not me, I stand up for my kid. No matter what. If I don’t who will?

Education wise, it’s a pretty good school, though I do feel their education goals are a little low, but that’s a Colorado thing, not a JICMS thing. Their expectations are low because the expectations of the state Board of Education are low. I mean a 79 a C? A 62 is a D? If I were to take him home to NC with 62’s he’d be put back a grade, or two. There a 62 is an F, no way around it.

They are just so uptight. 8 hour school days, plus 2 to 4 hours of homework afterward. Why is so much homework necessary when they’ve already pulled a full 8 hour shift. I swear if he wasn’t so close to High School I wouldn’t even send him back. But, like I’ve stated before, college is very important, so High School has be started off on a sturdy foot.

Did you skim that handbook? Are we just over-reacting, or is it as much as we, my hubby and I, think it is?

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2 thoughts on “School Handbook

  1. Andre doesn’t do the “social functions” never wants to. Can’t say I blame him. The grading system is low in comparison to the nc grading system. 70 is a D there and a 69 an F. Which I feel is reasonable. So o hold Andre to the NC grading scale. Because the plan is for him to go to high school there. Let’s just see what the Army says about that. I know last year the kids weren’t even allowed to color their hair. I haven’t read this years take on that yet.


  2. I’m skimming the policy now. The grading system is pretty on with the national average. The first thing I see that pisses me off is the personal searches. It states that the parents will be informed of the searches “as soon as resonably possible.” Ah, not good enough! If someone wanted to go through my kids shit I’d want to know about it the moment it’s happening. I don’t get how kids are treated like criminals and how they’re never allowed to represent themselves or have themselves represented like adults. Backpacks and purses are PERSONAL property and they should have to get a search warrant to get into them.

    The next thing that irritates me… “NO suggestive dancing or behavior at JICMS social functions.” Who’s code of ethics are we living with here? What is suggestive? Is this even reality? All school dances are a bump and grind session that makes people from the 50’s now wonder why Elvis’ leg shaking was such a big deal. I just want to know who’s code of ethics are in rule on that one.

    The school has a generous sick day policy, some of my kids schools weren’t nearly as nice. I had one that only allowed 10 sick days per YEAR unless you had a doctors note. When my kids got a cold or flu they were basically screwed because they’d eat up that 10 days before January.

    I always laugh at what rules schools have for dress code. Your sons school seems to be very strict about jewelry.

    I agree with you; what are they trying to form the kids into?

    Oh and I had to laugh about the “who is James Irwin?” section… I already know who he is, he’s my brother in law’s father. He shares the same name.


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