Pretty Fishies

Yes, strange title indeed.  But that’s what this blog is about, the pretty fishies we saw on our trip to the Downtown Aquarium in Denver.  I think I spent more time at the jellyfish tank than anything else, so I guess I’ll start with some pictures of some jellyfish.  They were so beautiful.  My pictures don’t do them justice.  I hate I couldn’t use a flash.  But the problem with a flash is it reflects off the tank and then you still get a crappy photo.  So I guess I should just stop complaining and start sharing the pics already LOL.

I thought these were so striking against all the dark of the water.  So I have a few pictures of them.  I hate the pictures are so noisy or I’d blow one up and frame it for my office.  I still have to edit them, so some of them I can probably reduce the noise, problem with that is I’ll lose some of the detail.  Okay… enough of me whining about my crappy photography, here are some more pictures LOL.

Okay, enough of the jellyfish… I stood in the tunnel under the “fishtank” and took some pictures of the fish swimming over.  I was particularly drawn to the stingrays.  See I’ve petted stingrays and fed stingrays, but I’ve never really seen the bottom of the stingray.  They have the strangest little faces LOL.

Just one more…

I think this next one was the belly of some sort of a shark, but honestly, I caught his photo my accident so I’m not 100% sure lol.

Sorry he’s blurry, like I said he wasn’t supposed to be the subject of this photo lol I was actually after this next guy, but he is FAST or camera shy, I never did figure out which one.  But I only got like one decent shot of him.

Isn’t he gorgeous?  Well for what you can see of him anyway lol

I don’t think I was after his photo so much as I was the effect of him swimming through the water with the sun shining down on him.  Now for a couple random shots that I just thought were pretty.

This next guy is NOT pretty.  As a matter of fact he was ugly as all get out.  But he stalked me as I walked around in the tunnel showing me his teeth so I took his picture too LOL.  So I figured I’d make him just a little more famous today lol

I don’t like birds.  But he was pretty.  LOUD, but pretty.

Isn’t he pretty?  Okay, just one more….

He was shy, and hard to photograph, but I liked how he seemed to have a smile on his face lol.  Okay, well that’s it for this Picture Blog.  I’ll try to get behind my camera more often, and hopefully the next set of pictures are clearer and cleaner than these.  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Pretty Fishies

    1. Yeah so do I. I love museums, aquariums, and zoos. Unfortunately Andre thinks it’s baby to go to the Zoo with his Mom. Insert eye roll here lol. He wants to go to the theme park so I’m thinking I may go to the Zoo alone. All I do at the theme park is water rides and carry the bags anyway :(.


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