Seven Digits Changed My Life

Lately I’ve been interested in putting together a family tree for my son.  My thinking is if I put the family tree down on paper for him, not only would he know where he came from, but so would his children and so on.  I wanted to do my Mother’s side of the tree, and asked my Dad about her and her siblings.  Names, not information.  I found one of my deceased uncles information on and passed it along to my Dad to verify.  He finally verified the information and texted me the name of my Uncle’s widow.  A name, of a an actual live person.  I was excited.  I immediately logged into plugged in this new name.  And I got not one leaf, but two.  One of the leaves had a 7 digit phone number attached.  I had a phone number!

Most of the day I just thought about that phone number.  I called it about 5pm est.  Relieved as HELL that no one answered it.  I put the phone number in my cell phone for safe keeping, just in case I decided to call it one day.  William decided he wanted to go out for dinner, so while he was gone I decided I would call the number again, just to rule it out.  I mean it could have been a wrong number.  It wasn’t.  I called and asked to speak to my new Uncle’s Widow.  She was like who is this… and I said my name, then I started to ramble in that special way that only I can.  LOL  She said simply, I only know 1 Sunshine.  I said I can do better, I know 2.  (my Dad’s nickname was Sunshine)  She knew me.  She actually knew who I was.  I never expected that.

Apparently, one day I was there, the next day I was just gone.  I don’t know if anyone ever asked her where I went or not.  However, she did say something that I found equally as shocking as them knowing who I am.  I had a brother, and he had been looking for me for YEARS.  Get the fuck out of here!  Really?  She took my phone number said she’d call me back and when she did.  She said someone wants to talk to you.  Honestly I kind of thought it would be my Mother.  But I didn’t hold my breath on that.  She hung up and about 3 minutes later, I got a call.  It was a man, my brother.  I was so excited.  I had actual family.  Family that I never thought I’d ever have.

We talked and he kind of mentioned that our Mother was dead.  She’d died just before he found the family back in 1995.  I have to admit, I never really wanted a relationship with my Mother, but right then an there, I was disappointed.  It wasn’t up to me anymore, I wouldn’t get a relationship with her.  But after hearing the circumstances of her death, I was finally able to forgive her for leaving me.  I wasn’t even aware that I was mad about it til just then.  I also felt gratitude to her… she could have given me up for adoption like she did my brothers.  She didn’t, she chose to give me to my Father’s family instead.  So at least I was able to grow up knowing who I was, and where I came from.  Even if it was just on one side.

So now you see how seven digits changed my life.  The number was good.  I got a brother that I never thought I’d have.  And I was finally able to get the closure that I think I needed in regards to my Mother. is awesome.  I have been able to find information about family members that I was unaware of, and also stuff that reinforced what I was told as a child.  I am happy that ancestry has given me back my family. 🙂


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