Well, It’s Official

We’re NOT going home :(.  My husband apparently did get the letter of acceptance he needed from the unit back home, but his current commander shot it down.  Told him, I don’t like you, you’re not going anywhere.  Well hell.  If you don’t like him that should be more reason to ship his happy ass off, wouldn’t you think.  Evil so and so.  I asked could I go talk to him, but for multiple reasons, most of which I can agree with, William said no.  *sigh*

I was getting so happy at the prospect of leaving this hell hole.  Looks like the only way I’ll be getting out of here is on my own.  Just me and Andre.  That thought doesn’t make me happy either.  We still have one more option in the shoot.  Hopefully William will get into EO school this fall.  If so his commander can’t stop him from going anywhere…. I almost don’t even care at this point if we go home or not, I just don’t want to be here.  I know, I’m whining, and no I don’t want any cheese to go with that whine LOL.

That’s it for now, just wanted to do a quick little update so you, if anyone is actually reading this, knows what’s going on.  Have a great week everybody!

Oh and I called the charter school I’d hoped to get Andre into and he’s number 16 on the list.  So keep your fingers crossed!  If he doesn’t get in we will homeschool another year, which is fine.  But since he’s going into the 7th grade, I kinda want to get him ready for High School by sending him back to school… and that charter school is in the top 10 for this state.  Okay that’s it for now, off to find something else to occupy my time.


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