Not a Whole Lot Going On

But I am trying to make more effort to blog.  So I am.. lol  Anyway, last week was Andre’s  birthday.  We were supposed to go to Denver, but with the threat of a snow storm on the horizon I decided to scratch that trip.  I’m glad I did because we wouldn’t have been able to do squat for at least 2 of the days we were planning to be there.  Instead I decided William would take Andre to play at Biggs Bigg City.  Have I told ya’ll this already?  I don’t remember.  Anyway…

While he was off playing laser tag and racing go karts, I was supposed to be at home baking cupcakes and cooking his favorite birthday dinner.  Yep, we had spaghetti again.  I tried talking him out of it, but it didn’t work lol.  I sent them off and instead of baking, bad mom, I moved furniture.  He’d been wanting William and I to move upstairs, and had offered to take one of the smaller bedrooms.  So that’s what I did.  I moved him and all his crude into one of the smaller bedrooms which meant moving all the storage items out of one of the bedrooms to my, now old office.  I moved the “guest room” into the old storage/bedroom.  And our bedroom from down stairs to the large bedroom upstairs.  Now by the time it was time to move our bedroom upstairs, I was just too pooped to party lol.  So William moved most of it and I helped him with the heavy furniture.

My office is now in our old bedroom.  I like it.  I’d been whining that I wanted a tv in the office so I could watch my soaps and surf at the same time so now I can totally watch GH and be on the internet too.  So awesome.  The upstairs bedrooms are too hot for me in the summer, so I have to find a casement window AC unit for up there or I’m going to die of heat stroke.  I don’t deal well with heat.  AT ALL.

Needless to say I never did make those cupcakes, so I got William to pick up some on his way home.  The snow got so bad that I had to call them  home from Biggs Bigg early.  I didn’t want to, but I didn’t want anything to happen to them on the road either.  I waited as long as I could and about 2pm told William he should consider heading home.  We got about 4″ maybe.  It was kinda hard to tell the way the wind kept moving it.


By Sunday most of the snow was gone.  Except for this drift that used to be about 4 – 6 inches larger.  Now it’s flurrying again and it’s supposed to snow off and on til Wednesday or Thursday.  They’re saying that there’s another snow storm like the one we got last Thursday on the way here, but if last weekend is any indicator, it won’t be sticking around long.  Hopefully my flowers will be okay.  I see a bunch of tulips have popped up all over the back yard.  I’m sure they’ll be fine, I found this little guy growing next too the back patio this morning.


I think he’s a good sign of things to come.  Okay, I’m blogged out.  For the most part anyway, I still have to go write my pet peeve of the day.  I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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