That’s Officer Lucy To You!

So nice of me to accidentally submit a blog without actually writing anything in it huh? lol Anyway, I have a new picture of Lucy for all of you that have a hard time believing that I dress her up. This time Andre dressed her up. He thought it was a good idea to take his policeman outfit off his build-a-bear and put it on Lucy. I gotta admit I think she’s mighty cute stomping around with her tie dragging the floor lol I’ll get it off of her soon, I promised her. lol Here she is pictured immediately after breakfast… when she decided to jump back on the bed and pay me a little visit. lol…

Anyway on to the rest of life. I got news. Not good news either. William found out this morning that he has to go to Iraq. Wanna know when? In a couple weeks. I’m so pissed. We were promised no deployments til at least Oct ’09. They told him that they are revoking the leave he was supposed to take starting the week he is supposed to now deploy. It’s not bad enough we’re in this hell hole… but now he is deploying.. and before Christmas? That’s just bullshit. Apparently the CSM requested him personally. That useless Son of a Bitch. Yes I’m mad. I’m steaming mad. I can’t believe this crap. Urgh!

Okay, I don’t really have anything else to blog about right now. Too mad and getting madder by the second. I would like to say a quick thanks to Jan for suggesting Raising Warrior Queens by Teresa Smith. I recieved it and started reading it yesterday. So far so good. Ya’ll have a wonderful day, I’m off to find something I can hit.


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