Well today was the first day of school. Andre seemed so excited.. I on the other hand was quite stressed out. I remember what it’s like to be the new kid, which is why I am glad we didn’t move during the school year. He hopped out of the truck and ran off to his class though. I can’t wait to see how his day went today.

We went in yesterday for meet the teacher, did I tell you this already? She didn’t seem to want to answer our questions… she was trying to push us off and told us that what ever questions we had we could ask next week at Open House. William and I looked at each other, decided that we were going to ask our questions now and come up with more for the open house instead lol. We just wanted to know basic things and it’s not like we were hogging her time. I understood that she had to meet 18 – 20 new sets of parents. I had forgotten to ask what time school started though, so I had to come home and look it up. The good thing is that school doesn’t start til 8:35 so we got a little more sleep than we did when we were back in NC.

I know you’re wondering what’s up with the photo. Yes I’m still dressing up Lucy. She doesn’t complain… much. lol It keeps her from trying to escape. She looks at the door and you can see the wheels turning when she thinks about what she’s wearing. She’s so embarrassed that she’s no longer shredding my curtains trying to get in the windows at night. No she isn’t dressed all the time, but most of the time. I can’t keep letting her run loose in the neighborhood, plus buying new collars and tags every time she gets out is getting way expensive.

Okay, I think that’s all I have to say for today, I really need to get up from here and get to cleaning. It’s damn near impossible to clean the house with William and Andre around. Now that William’s back at work and Andre’s back in school it’s time for me to clean knowing that it will at least stay clean til one of them come home. Ya’ll have a wonderful day and wish me luck, I’m starting in Andre’s bathroom.


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2 thoughts on “Mornin!

  1. Hang in there and get those questions answered! ;o)

    LOVE the kitty clothes! Maybe that’s what I should do to Sweetums’s cat when we move. It should keep him in line…


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