My Weekend

I wish I had photos to show you, but I don’t. I had taken a couple with my camera phone but the bluetooth in my computer isn’t complying today and I can’t get them off. Evil phone, evil computer. Anyway.

This weekend was nice and cool and I thought it would have been perfect hiking weather, however it began to rain, and almost rained clean through the weekend. Which sucked. It was okay though, didn’t slow me down much. Just kept me confined to the car lol.

Friday we decided we would explore 1 of the local outlets, so off we headed to Castle Rock. It was okay, most of the same stores we had at the outlet back home. William wasn’t happy about the lack of a Nautica store. He loves Nautica and was hoping to get a coat for the snowy weather here. No luck there. He refused to go in Columbia, but when we were on our way back down to the Springs he began to come around. To late lol.

Saturday we spent most of the day at the emergency vet. Zoie wasn’t feel well. She had a nasty yeasty ear infection. They gave her a mild sedative flushed her ears, loaded her up with meds and sent her home. She came home, and passed out on her bed, only moving to go potty and look at my always moving behind like I was annoying her lol. She was mad at us on Sunday so while we were out running our errands we picked her up a bone that’s been keeping her occupied and helped her to forgive us for taking her to the vet.

Sunday, we had errands to run as I mentioned before. We went to the other side of the Springs, where it WASN’T raining apparently and did some driving. We decided to explore the Airforce Academy base. It’s beautiful. They have trees and grass, and it’s a gorgeous mountainous area. Next time I promise I’ll take a camera. The base is huge, about the size of Bragg, maybe a little smaller. Makes Ft Carson look like a city park (an ugly city park that’s under construction). We drove around there for about an hour or so. I was kicking myself for not having brought my purse. I always carry a camera in my purse. We’ll probably go back and explore some more next weekend, I’ll take my camera.


Speaking of my camera… I’ve been thinking about taking some photography classes. I know I said I was going back to school, and I am, but I’d love to add some elective classes, even if it means I start with the photography and actually do the academic stuff a little later. I know I am a procrastinator. It’s a sickness really. I’m nervous about going back to school after all these years… I just need to ease back into it. Maybe a photography class is exactly what I need to help get my feet wet. You know start off slow. I see that look you’re giving me, I will go back, I have to, some of you know why… but I’m scared to go back. Anyway….

I’m going to get off of this computer now, I need to run out again. Stuff to do. I only came in because it had started to rain again. We had ‘meet the teacher’ at Andre’s school today, she seemed nice enough. Didn’t really want to answer our questions though, wanted us to wait to ask questions for when they had open house…. I had questions now, so I asked them anyway. She was nice and tried to answer them anyway, so it was cool. Okay I have to run… y’all behave and I’ll try to blog again soon.


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