No More Phones Please

I’ve never been so tired of talking on the phone in my life. Today is the day I sit down and schedule all services needed and all services to be terminated. I’ve been on the phone since 9:23am. I just made my last call to the cable company about 10 minutes ago. Sitting here making calls all day is exhausting lol, I need a nap. But at least I wasn’t alone. Every time I turn around I bump into one of my little stalkers…

Lucy as always, just looks pissed off, but I know that’s her ‘feed me heifer’ face lol.

Zoie is looking pitiful too, but it’s mostly because boxes are taking over the house and she’s running out of places to take a nap.

We cleaned out the storage room just to refill it with boxes… I gotta get the number to that charity from Rachel… I have a perfectly good kitchen range that needs a home… and I need all the tax write offs I can get.

Anyway… This was a kinda uneventful weekend, especially since I haven’t left the house since Friday. I painted the inside of the linen closet the same pretty yellow that I painted the dining room a couple years ago… while William half ass painted the shelves the trim color, don’t even get me started on that. I updated our GPS’ just in case we decide to use them. I saw somewhere that there is a lot of construction going on in Missouri so I’ll have it if I need it. I didn’t do much else I’m ashamed to say, but I believe I was due for a break so I took one.

What did everyone else manage to do this weekend? Did you have some fun you want to tell me about? Maybe I can live vicariously through you lol.


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One thought on “No More Phones Please

  1. Cute dog and kitty!
    We didn’t do anything crazy fun this weekend, I actually had time for a nap which was nice. :o)d


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