Better Late Than Never

Well typically Monday’s Blog is my WAAG, but not crap happened this weekend. So I decided to use this time to make an announcement. I know that many of ya’ll have abandoned Yahoo for greener pastures, ie Multiply. So I would like to take this time to ask those of you that are still around to speak up… I know yahoo ain’t letting many people post comments and such, but please, find some kinda way to speak up… so when I do what I’m about to do I don’t lose you. So I guess what I am trying to say is, this is your 2 week notice that I am going to clean out my 360 friends list. If you are still here, or plan on coming back here when Yahoo figures what the hell they are doing, then I beg of you, speak up. Ok, that’s that… next subject.

Have you ever wanted something to eat, and just don’t have a clue what it is? That’s how I feel right now. I want something, but I don’t know what it is, so I’ve been on a horrible junk food bender trying to satisfy the craving. I ate some pretzels, that wasn’t it… so I went old school, pulled out some Munchos… that wasn’t it… then I ate a couple macaroons, that didn’t do it, they were good as hell, but that wasn’t it lol. M&M’s, plain of course since I’m allergic to peanuts. I bought a container of Chunky Monkey then remembered I couldn’t eat it because I’m off nuts til I get my nut testing redone next week. I just bought a jar of pistachios… same problem, can’t eat them til after next week. I love nuts, they don’t always love me. Oh yeah, and I ate an apple turnover, well not really a turnover it was like apples in puff pastry, yummy but not what I wanted. I made the best frikkin Chicken Alfredo the other night, not sure how I made it so much better than usual, but it was AWESOME, however even after I was still wanting something. My skin is really starting to suffer for my recent eating habits, face keeps breaking out ya know what I mean… Anyway, anyone else having this problem? Or at least anyone else out there than can sympathize? What do you normally crave or eat when you want something and have no clue what it is?

What’s everyone cooking for dinner tonight? I’m all cooked out. As far as food food goes, you know dinner, lunch, etc, I am all fooded out. Don’t want to cook it or eat it. William cooked last night, which means tonight is my night. I haven’t taken out anything because there isn’t anything I want and every time I ask him what he wants he says “whatever is fine with me.” You ask Andre he will say one of 3 things. Spaghetti, Pizza, or *batting his eyes at you* McDonalds. So there’s no asking him. Whats cooking in your house tonight?

Ok, enough about food… I’m going to go and find something constructive to do. Ya’ll have a great night!


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