How is everyone doing this fine morning? I’m surprisingly upbeat for so very early in the morning lol. Yesterday this time I was swinging a pillow at William who was trying to get me up. But today I popped up at my normal time 6:45a and started bumping around the house. Much to the pleasure of a hungry Lucy and a crossed legged Zoie, if ya know what I mean.

All of the kids (Andre, Lucy, and Zoie) had a wonderful Christmas. I hang stockings for them, and Andre has gifts under the tree of course. Lucy got a stocking full of toys that have been wearing her out and a tin of tuna. Hey! I didn’t know what else to give her lol. Zoie got her usual stocking full of goodies, plus she got a new collar for Christmas. Andre got everything on his list… which wasn’t much, but it was expensive. Why do video games cost so frikkin much anyway? He’s been glued to the Wii for 2 days now, and I’ve been glued to his father’s PSP. I got him this Marvel game, which I’ve been playing more than William, I’m halfway through the game, it’s pretty cool.

“Hello, my name is Sunshine, and I’m a video game junkie.”

Andre even got that bike he’s been asking for, though I forgot to buy a helmet and some pads. I meant to, just kept slipping my mind. We’ll do that today, he has a target gift card that is burning a whole in his pocket. I wonder what he’ll buy? Probably another game, though I don’t know when he’d get around to playing it… he’s been glued to Mario Galaxy since he ripped the plastic off of it.

As ya’ll know I was on vacation the week before Christmas. All went fairly well, except for that stomach bug I picked up on Tuesday that kept me sick til Thursday. I didn’t let it slow me down much. We still did Universal Studios, per my schedule, on Wednesday, but we left for the park late, and we left the park early. We went to both sides so Andre was still thrilled. I didn’t get many pictures because well, I didn’t feel good, and I didn’t feel like it.

Magic Kingdom

We did Disney (Magic Kingdom) on Monday, in the cold…… I almost froze my Cojones off, thank God most of the early rides were indoors… Yes Florida gets cold, but only for one day so it was okay. We had a blast, though William tried to act bored. Dork that he is. He had had surgery about 12 or 13 days prior so he pooped out pretty early, which was fine by me. We didn’t get to use our park hopper though… we stayed for the parade and we went back to the house to let out a very crossed legged Zoie lol.


Tuesday we found this cool upside down place called Wonderworks. We had a blast in there as well. I saw it on the street and was like, ooh I have got to go see what that is all about lol. This picture was taken from the street with my phone, since I hadn’t planned on taking any pictures this day I didn’t think to actually bring my camera. I was just out to do some shopping and thought I’d ride around and have a look see first. Never been to Orlando before, it’s one big ass circle lol. All roads lead ya back to I-4.


Friday, we went to Seaworld. I’ve always wanted to go there. Military go free, which was cool too. First day is free and you can purchase a second day ticket for $10, we didn’t but we could have. I took lots and lots of cool pictures of dolphins and ……

Dolphins I



and other various sea creatures.



Begging For Fish

SeaLion Posing

Stingrays & Sharks

I even petted a stingray, wayyyyyy cool if you ask me. I walked right up and stuck my hand in the water, William and Andre were not as convinced as I was that petting a stingray was a good idea. I thought it was frikkin awesome. Heck I woulda petted a shark if they had let me lol. I tried petting a dolphin, but they are fast little critters. It’s okay. There’s always next time.

All and all our vacation was cool. I’ll eventually sit down and load some more of the 279 photos I took into my Flickr or my Photobucket. But I wouldn’t hold my breath for me doing it BEFORE the New Year.
So how is everyone else’s holiday? Did you do anything interesting? What did your family do to celebrate this holiday season?


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