Good Morning

Well we really didn’t do anything this weekend. I wanted to go to the band competition that a friend of mines had told me about, but that never quite worked out. I needed to go to Target, didn’t get around to that either. Both Saturday & Sunday I find my behind in my chair, ya know that charcoal gray one you can see in the picture. And it never fails. Every time I sit in that chair I fall asleep. So that’s what I did this weekend, nap. Listen to Andre read, nap again lol. Watch a DVD with Andre, fall asleep lol.

Speaking of DVD’s, I’ve seen a few good ones over the last week or so. I told you all about Reign Over Me. Did you go out and get it yet? Well we saw Evan Almighty over the weekend. It was good, not that I’m shocked. I love love LOVE Bruce Almighty. Evan was good and at it had a message for anyone that would listen. You’ll have to watch it to see what that message is though. Andre & I watched Jeff Dunham, Spark of Insanity Sunday. Laughed our asses off. Some of the jokes went over Andre’s head, which was fine by me. He’d just look at me with a puzzled look and say, let me guess, you’ll explain it to me when I’m older lol. Well anyway, Jeff Dunham has one puppet named Achmed, the Dead Terrorist. Andre and I were sitting there watching it and realized, that could totally be Lucy. Every time we come down and wake her up, the look she gives us just screams “Silence, I Kill You” lol. Watch it, I promise you won’t regret it. Andre’s favorite puppet is Peanut, he’s a trip. Sarcastic little critter.

To find out more about Jeff Dunham, check out his website by clicking here.

As you can see Lucy and Zoie still sleep together. They’re happy, they get along, it’s fine by me. Zoie is still scared of Lucy and if Lucy beats Zoie to the bed Zoie will sleep on the floor rather than get on the bed. All and all it’s pretty quiet around here with those too, no fighting. But Lucy still has a problem that only seems to arise between 6:24am and 6:29am at which time something in her tells her it’s okay, go wake up the crazy fat lady. Like this morning.

Anyway, this week promises to be another like any other. Busy. I’ve got errands to run, but today won’t be one of those days. Today I have to finish putting up yesterday’s laundry. I only have the one load left. I have vacuuming that needs to be done. Anyway… What did everyone do this weekend. With Mother Nature playing cruel tricks on us with this weather and all, it’s been nice enough to be out and about. State Fairs, I heard about a Doggie Fashion Show in Chicago at the Navy Pier… Vanessa did you go to that? I’d love to see pictures if you did. So what did everyone do?


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