This has been a quiet week overall so I don’t really have a whole lot to talk about today. I’ve been mostly at home. In the peace and quiet that is my house. Wednesday, yesterday, I took Mrs Lucy to the groomer. I’m not used to cats, but I know typically they aren’t big fans of water, so her first bath would NOT be by me. lol The groomer said she did wonderfully. No attitude, no claws, she just took her bath and all the love and attention, and came out on the other end a much cleaner, happy kitty. Must have been draining, because when she came home all she did was sleep. I discovered something else about her this week. She doesn’t have any front teeth. I’ve been feeding her dry food mixed with one of those tiny little cans of wet that science diet sells. Does this mean she shouldn’t be eating dry food? I still don’t know if she has problems with her back teeth, but she doesn’t seem to have a problem eating… She eats like Zoie. It’s amazing she tastes anything; she just gulps it right down lol. Ok, enough about Lucy.

Andre’s teacher is out on Maternity leave WOOHOO!! When I picked him up from school yesterday the sub brought him out to the car. I don’t know if she has had the baby, but I do know she is due Friday so I hope she has. She hasn’t graded any work since mid-terms came out… except for homework and spelling tests anyway. So the sub has some work to catch up on.

My BIL took an assignment to Okinawa. He had less than a month to sell his house, pack up his family, and get out of Norfolk. He said he was tired of being in Va and if he didn’t take the assignment he wouldn’t be promotable. He’s NEVER deployed so he has to go to a unit that will deploy to the middle east in order to pick up his next rank. It sucks that the higher ups force the soldiers hands like this. [Here’s your choice’s soldier, stay where you are and stay your current rank til the end of your career, or Sign this contract, go to a deployable unit, risk your life, just to pick up the next rank.] It’s ridiculous. Where’s the loyalty? I mean he’s been in 13 years, William 11, yet they still get no respect. I just said these very same words a few months ago when they were trying to force William to take orders to Germany by telling him if he didn’t re-up to go to Germany that he would HAVE to sign a deck and get out of the military within 30 days. (If he didn’t re-up, he wouldn’t have enough time on his current contract to do a tour in Germany… if he did re-up, he would be sent to Germany, for 3 years, and deploy for at least 15 months once he got to Germany, leaving Andre and I to fend for ourselves, more or less. Or he could sign a deck and walk away.. no career, no prospects.) We lucked out that William found a forth option… a loophole… A signature that freed him from his orders for Germany, temporarily, and he didn’t have to re-up to get it. So he now has about a year, maybe less left on his contract. He plans to re-up but on his own terms, which is fine by me. It’s not just him, it’s about all 3 of us, so at least he’s taking us into consideration. Ok… this wasn’t supposed to be about him, this was supposed to be about my BIL. Anyway, he got his new orders and had less than a month to pack up and move out. Him and his wife & new baby leave for Okinawa on Tuesday, so I am going to drive up to the in-laws on Sunday so that he can spend some time with Andre before he leaves. Could be anywhere from 1 to 3 years before we see them again, and I have yet to meet the new baby. They had him in July, but I haven’t felt much like driving up to Norfolk. They still haven’t sold their house, but they did move out yesterday and into a hotel. So if anyone is looking for a house in the Norfolk / Virginia Beach area, he’s about 10 minutes from the ocean and it’s priced at $244,000. It’s a nice 2 story, 3 bedroom house, in a nice quiet neighborhood. Ok… I’ve run my ad for today… I’m done. lol

Those are my plans for the weekend. Saturday I’m going to bump around the house, get Andre a haircut, give the pets their monthly dose of heartworm & flea & tick meds. Sunday morning I am going to hop in the truck with Andre, no Zoie this trip, and go visit the in-laws. I have to take a bunch of old clothes up to my cousin anyway. She has this little boy that she gives all of Andre’s hand me downs to. His parents, are wastes of perfectly good skin…. they don’t work, when they do work they don’t spend any money on their kids, so at least I can help out the little boy, wish I could help out the little girl, but I don’t know anyone with a girl old enough. I never realize how much I shop for Andre til it’s time to pack up those clothes every summer. There are two boxes of clothes this year… two pretty big boxes of clothes and I’ve still got 2 drawers left to go through, which I plan on doing today. It’s a shame. At least I know his clothes are going to do someone some good.

Ok… for someone that didn’t have anything to talk about I sure have rambled on for a mighty long time lol. Y’all have a wonderful day, be happy, stay healthy, and stay cool.


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