A Rambling Rose

Good morning everyone. It’s been some week. I’ve had a few people inquire as to what finally happened with Andre’s school. Well Monday afternoon I broke down and emailed the school Principal. I heard back from her immediately. She had a conference with the teacher Tuesday morning and emailed me back Tuesday evening to let me know that she’d looked through all of Andre’s now graded work and that he was doing good but needed to work on Capitalization and Punctuation. Tuesday I also received a stack of school work from the teacher that Andre had done in the course of the last month or so. Everything looked good. I also got a stack on Wednesday, along with his progress report. He seems to be doing well so far. His lowest grade on his progress report was a 90, and that was in Math which is rather shocking to me. He’s always done so well in math, he was so far advanced that while his classmates were learning how to add and subtract 3 digit numbers I was at home teaching him his times tables. That was the 2nd grade. Looks like he failed a test a few weeks ago.. I haven’t seen the test because it hasn’t been in either of the stacks of paper I’ve gotten so far. The teacher is pretty pissed, like I really care, she hasn’t spoken to me all week, or looked in my general direction either for that matter. She brings Andre to the car says goodbye to him and slams the door, I find it a little funny. Had she been doing her job all along I would never have needed to go over her head, but she wasn’t doing squat. Ok.. enough about that.

It’s been an ongoing circus here in the house with the 4 legged psychos. Zoie has turned herself into a bounty hunter, warning me every time Lucy jumps the gate and heads up to the bedrooms. An area of the house that I’ve been trying to keep her out of because of our allergies. Especially Andre’s allergies, I’m just starting to get them back under control now with the change in meds. You should see her tracking Lucy, she’s hilarious.

Yesterday I cleaned the living room and put all of Zoie’s toys back in the corner of the room. She saw her Kong hit the floor and looked at it like hmmmm, I swear you could see the wheels turning. I went on about my cleaning to turn around a few seconds later to her in the floor with her kong begging for treats for it. It was too cute.


I soon filled her kong with cookies and off she went to try to get those cookies out. Bouncing off the walls, dropping it down the stairs, finally she gave up and decided to get at those cookies the old fashion way… lick them out lol.

Ooh So Yummy

While she was doing that, I gave Lucy a little toy mouse for her to play with, I threw it over the gate and she looked at it like what the(?) lol Soon she tipped over to it and began slapping it around the floor.


It was cute, but I didn’t have long to watch her play it was back to work for me. Just like today I have some house work to do, I didn’t get around to washing the bath mats yesterday but today is going to be the perfect laundry day, being that it is supposed to be in the lower 90’s today. Ya’ll have a wonderful day and stay cool!


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