Weekend at a Glance

Good morning! How was everyone’s weekend? Everything was okay here. Not long enough. Today is the last day of my lovely little three day weekend. Friday after I picked Andre up from school I had to go back. He’d left something and told me some BS that his teacher had said about not being able to fix the Reading Counts test list because of her being pregnant. Seems she’s been beating that excuse to death. Since I had gone back and she was actually in her classroom after hours which was a miracle in itself I decided to ask to see Andre’s grades. They are supposed to post their grades on the school website weekly, but over a month into the new school year and she has yet to do that. She tells me they aren’t in the computer yet, so I was like yeah I know that his father & I check regularly in hopes to see where he is and if I should be helping him at home. So then I wanted to see your grade book since they haven’t hit the site yet. Then she said something shocking. She tapped a big stack of paper and said oh, I haven’t graded it yet. Haven’t graded their work yet? WTH has she been doing for the last month. And that is pretty much what I said, except no curse words lol. Oh I’ve been busy blah blah.. .I had to walk away. I understand she is going to have that baby any day now, I’m praying for sooner rather than later, however if you are too pregnant, too tired, or too busy because of your baby to do your JOB then don’t you think it’s time to go out on maternity leave? It’s Monday and I’m still using all the strength I have to keep me from sending her an email. I just can’t get over the nerve of her saying that in all the time they’ve been back in school she hasn’t actually been doing anything. I’ve gotten back his spelling tests every week. So she’s been grading those, and I’ve gotten back the homework every week, but apparently they no longer grade homework. They will give you a zero for not turning it in but they don’t give you any credit at all for doing it which I think is stupid. Andre’s teacher from last year explained the new system to me when I popped by her class after my visit with Andre’s current teacher. Okay enough about that, because I’m just getting mad all over again.

Saturday I decided to head off to the mall. There was a shirt that I saw in the latest Lane Bryant coupon book that I wanted. Only to get there and discover it’s next month’s style and they don’t have it in yet. Which sucked. The lady when in the back to make sure it hadn’t come in yet and then returned to tell me as much. Then she showed me another shirt like it, different color, that they have, but it’s not the one I wanted so I passed…. off to Yankee Candle I went. I had a coupon just burning a whole in my purse lol. The scent of the month is Vanilla Cupcake. So 2 jarred candles, some tarts, and a couple gel jars later I was heading off to Children’s Place. They didn’t have a whole lot Andre was interested in. So he picked out a belt, I picked up some PJ’s that were on clearance, and a new Anorak. They are getting way too military up at Children’s Place, everywhere you turn it’s Camouflage. I was tired of the mall after that. I don’t like crowds much, so we headed home. Andre had started feeling bad anyway. Someone squirted some perfume in Macy’s, turned my stomach, but didn’t effect my allergies, it did effect his.

Sunday was supposed to be nice out, so I did laundry. You know… I think Zoie was human in a former life. Either that or she’s been watching us for far too long. I was sleep Sunday morning and I felt someone tapping my hand. I opened my eyes expecting to see Andre only to see Zoie. Shocked I reached out scratched her chest pulled my hand back and closed my eyes again. A couple minute later she tapped my hand again. I mean a gentle tap too, which is why I assumed it was Andre. I let Lucy out of the bathroom for an all day adventure in the Family Room. She really loves her little kitty condo I got her. She was unconed for a good part of the day. But only when I could peek in on her to make sure she wasn’t messing with her tummy. It is healing very well by the way. Looks good. She goes back to the vet later in the week to have her stitches removed. She looked so strange late yesterday sleeping in the condo with the cone on. All of her was inside the condo except for her head, which was coned and laying in the entrance lol. The picture of Lucy above I took on Saturday, as you can tell she’s made herself quite at home and she is gaining weight nicely. Okay, well I guess that’s enough typing. I’m going to go lay down, I’m not feeling quite myself this morning. Ya’ll have a beautiful day!


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