Scaredy Dog

Today I let Lucy out of the bathroom as I do every morning so I can clean her litter box and get her some food and fresh water. This morning I didn’t take her cone off though like I normally do. Glad I didn’t because if it hadn’t been for that bell on her collar I would never have found her this morning. She escaped the family room and was tipping around upstairs in the office & the living room. Today I left the cone on her because yesterday she got out of sight and got locked in the downstairs closet. I would have heard her if she had had it on. Anyway. She was upstairs tipping around investigating and sniffing when she laid eyes on Zoie. She heads straight for Zoie and climbs up on her bed and goes to lay down beside her. Zoie on the other hand looks scared to death. If she could have pulled those ears back any farther they might have snapped right off of her head and fell on her back. As long as I stood perfectly still Zoie laid perfectly still shooting me this look like MOM SAVE ME!!! I put my hand out like come here and she came to me with much relief all over her face. I scooped up Lucy and took her back down stairs so Zoie could start breathing again. I told her she has to get over it, Lucy is here to stay… I’ll just have to make sure I put Lucy away when I leave home til Zoie gets used to her. Either that or put Zoie in the bedroom when I leave, she likes laying up there during the day, it’s dark & quiet.

Now on to my Andre. Earlier this week he brought home a note from school about a Battle of the Books thing. I soon found out that he was 1 of 6 kids in his class to get this invite. Battle of the Books for anyone not familiar with it is sort of like Mathletes except it’s for readers. Anyway the meeting was yesterday so that the kids and the parents could get the gist of the whole thing. They have 20 books on a reading list, they have to memorize the title and author of the 20 books on the list and they have to read the books on the list as well… duh! They have practice on Wednesday afternoons. The competition itself is between all the participating elementary schools in our county, apparently we have about 50 elementary schools in this county, who knew. I am not sure if they have a state competition or not. Anyway, if I decide to let him join he’ll have to know all 20 titles & authors by the 29 at which time he’ll have a test given by the Battle of the Books coach and at that time the teams would be chosen. I believe she said 2 teams of 12 each. Only 4th & 5th graders are allowed to join and he was given the invitation by his teacher and was recommended by his teacher from last year. I’m kind of straddling the fence as to whether or not I am going to let him join. It’s a great opportunity. And his teacher from last year thinks he’d do a great job. I’ll think about it, in the mean time I am going to have him study the list just in case I decide to let him do it. I don’t want him to overload his brain. He likes to read, but, I just don’t know.. my gut tells me not to let him do it.

Andre has an appointment today with his pediatrician. We are going to try to get him a referral for allergy testing in the system today. I wish I had been tested at a younger age. I found out how bad my allergies were by accident. I knew about the seasonal stuff, but I didn’t know about the food allergies til I was about 12 or so and broke out in hives when I decided I wanted to give honey roasted peanuts a try. Ooh and I was like 14 when I discovered Bananas are NOT a good idea in high quantities. I had my first banana pudding…. it was good but I was sick as a dog for 3 days. Allergies. I’m still very sensitive to bananas and I don’t eat peanuts at all. Well, sort of… I had couple peanut M&Ms last year and broke out into hives… William was so pissed at me. He threw me in a oatmeal bath after giving me lots of allergy meds. He took good care of me, but he was MAAAD!!! Andre bought them for me I just wanted to eat a couple, so I wouldn’t disappoint him, I had no idea I’d react so badly. Anyway, way off the subject, I think it’s time he gets all checked out. See how bad his are… I hope they aren’t as bad as mines. I’m thinking if they start him on shots or whatever now while he’s little his immunity may build high enough that by the time he’s in high school he won’t need shots at all anymore. That’s my hope for him anyway.

There was other stuff that happened this week that I wanted to talk about, but this entry is dragging on long enough.. so I am going to wrap it up now. I hope everyone is keeping cool today. It’s supposed to be a hot day. Oh and Trish, stop complaining about the rain, I’d give Zoie’s dew claw for some rain right about now notice I gave Zoie as the offering.. I need my toes I’m barely scooting around as it is today lol. I think our rain deficit is about 5 inches according to the weatherman. That lake down from my house is way down, the water is barely flowing over the fall. I peeped at it yesterday when I drove by, usually it’s lots of rushing water yesterday it was a trickle. Ok, anyway I gotta get going things to do. have a great day ya’ll!


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