Weekend at a Glance

Zoie & Lucy are getting along for the most part. Zoie sticks to me like glue when Lucy is out shooting me these looks like “she’s not really going to stay is she?” lol The only way I can pet Lucy in peace it seems is if I am petting Zoie as well, otherwise Zoie just walks around and steps in between us. Yesterday morning Zoie decided she wanted to play with Lucy but she is used to playing with Lucy the way she plays with me, she lunged at her, scaring her to death. Lucy took a step back bowed up spit and one paw came up with all the claws ready. Then Lucy ran under the table and Zoie ran and hid behind me. Then later in the evening Zoie got excited because I stood up to go upstairs and she stepped on Lucy… Lucy was NOT happy, she took a swipe at Zoie’s nose and they quickly separated, Zoie hiding behind me and Lucy hiding under the table again. They seemed fine with each other this morning, Lucy is ready for some real freedom though, I don’t blame her. She’s doing an excellent job with the litter box however, I am not going to give her free run til she’s made a trip to the groomer. Get those nails clipped and get her a much needed bath. So as soon as Lucy is all healed up I’ll take her to the groomer and get her all cleaned up. She’s doing good with the litter box too, not one accident. She’s eating and is healing up nicely. I’m wondering how Zoie is going to take Lucy tipping around in the house. As it is when she’s out Zoie isn’t far away. Especially if I’m down there too, she walks behind me like Lucy is going to whip out a gun or something . My little bodyguard. I know they’ll be fine with each other once they’ve gotten used to the fact that they have to coexist.

Nothing else really went on this weekend, it was too hot go out and do anything. I’m not exactly sure how hot it was Saturday because I never left my house but Sunday was 101º. It was tax free weekend here in NC and it was too damn hot to go out and do any shopping. Not that we really needed anything, God knows neither Andre nor myself need any more clothes, he’s already in school so I didn’t need to get school supplies, I can wait til Traditional Calendar kids go back to school to pick up school supplies on clearance. This is going to be a scorcher of a week, I looked at the weekly forecast and it is supposed to be 102º by Wednesday and Thursday, and that is without the heat index. We’ll be laying low til this heat wave is over. Okay, it’s time for me to go find me something to do IN the house… ya’ll stay cool and enjoy your week! Oh and btw, If you need gas for those vehicles this very hot week, please gas up early in the mornings… those gas fumes in the hottest parts of the day are dangerous and detrimental to our Ozone. Okay, that being said, ya’ll have a wonderful day!


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I'm a Mother, a Military Wife, a Student, a Blogger, and an Amateur Photographer. I may wear many hats, but deep down I'm still me. If you need to contact me do so at: SunshinesSnapshot@gmail.com

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