Misadventures at Bathtime

Zoie is 4… We’ve had her since she was 6 weeks old. I haven’t bathed her since she was small enough to get into the shower with me, probably 6 months old or so. William bathes her when he’s here, when he’s not I send her to the groomer. Well Friday night, I got a wild hair up my ass and decided I was going to bathe her myself. BIG MISTAKE. I filled the tub, she climbed in and I started to scrub her big old butt. Soon the bath tub was a sea of dog hair and coconut 2 in 1 dog shampoo. 30 minutes or so later she was panting, clean, and happy. Though she wasn’t too happy about me taking time out to take pictures of her.

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I was wet, covered in wet dog hair, and very very unhappy. If I ever bitch about how much I pay a month to the groomer remind me of this day. If anything I don’t pay them enough for that. They’ll be getting tips from now on. I rinsed her off she hopped out of the tub and before I got her completely toweled off she sprayed the whole bathroom with water & dog hair. I was not amused.

I put her in my room on a blanket I had laid out for her and after she finished belly rolling around all over my floor I threw a towel over her. She got comfy, laid down and looked so cute I forgot all about that filthy bathroom.

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Well at least until I walked back in there. I scrubbed the whole bathroom, top to bottom, swiffered and mopped the floor, Thank goodness I thought to pickup the bathmats ahead of time. You can’t even tell now that dog hair once covered the walls.

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But it will never happen again!


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