After the painter left and my husband’s friend finished mowing the lawn I let my little fishy go out and play in the pool. I tested the water it was perfect from all the chemicals I put in there the other day lol. I put Zoie out in the yard too, but I blocked her from seeing Andre was in the pool cause I know if she’d seen him she wouldn’t have gone out. She came out and ran straight up the hill and hid behind the AC unit. Heaven forbid she get wet, she might melt or something lol.

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Then she sat up there with that ridiculous grin on her face like ah ha you missed me lol. When she saw me going for the door she almost mowed me over trying to beat me in the house before the door closed. I can’t even get her to go downstairs now because she knows Andre’s still out there. And yes I’m checking on him regularly.

The paint looks good. I don’t see a point in posting a pic because it’s not like it’s some drastic change in color, I just painted it a yellowy beige, a nice neutral color. I so hate white walls and that was what was going on down there before. It was nice to get my house back. I moved everything back, ran the vacuum to get up plaster dust & more dead millipedes. He usually cleans up behind himself, he didn’t this time, I guess he was as ready to be rid of the crazy woman & the air freshener as I was to get rid of the smoking freight train.

I got the receipt back from the card I sent my niece last week. She signed for it on the 16th, but the check hasn’t posted yet. No worries, I’m just glad she got it. If she got her card on the 16th it also means my brother in law got his father’s day card that same day. Nothing else is going on, I just felt obligated to blog today, not sure why. I hope that everyone is having a great day!


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