Errand Day

Well it’s that time of the week again. Wednesday, except today I actually did what I was supposed to do. Last night before bed I put a load of whites in the washer and set it to start washing at 5:30am, so by the time I got up at 6:45 it was ready to go into the dryer. I fell into the recycling bins and the overflow, because I haven’t been to the recycling center for a few weeks. I put all the plastic bottles, jugs, etc into a yard trash bag, if that tells ya how much I had, and I hauled that and the cardboard away. We’ve been getting alot of packages it seems because there was alot of cardboard broken down waiting to be taken away. Next week I’ll take the magazines & newspapers, I don’t take the cans til the bin is full. I went to the allergist, as I do every week. Then headed out to the florist to order some flowers for my son’s teacher. I always get the extra special teachers something extra special for the last day of school. She’s been my son’s teacher for 2 years now. She decided last year she loved the kids so much she was going to go with them to the 3rd grade. Wish we could keep her one more year, but she is stuck on being a 3rd grade teacher so this will be the last year with her. She is a great woman and she really loves her kids, it shows every day in all the little things she does for them and how hard she works to make sure they are learning what they need to. I’ve got 3 extra special teachers at that school that I just love. 2 of them are teachers assistants, one from 1st grade & one from pre-k. They are all equally great women. Anyway, a trip to Petsmart for dog food and a trip to Target later I’m finally home. It’s hotter then hell out there, well almost. I think it’s the humidity.

Yesterday morning I decided to rearrange my desk. Trying to make the workspace flow a little better. But before I could move anything I had to slide my desk out from the wall, disconnect every single cable, and try to untangle all the cables. I used to zip tie all of the cables in sets according to the piece of equipment it belonged to, but even t hat never seemed to be enough to keep the jungle of cables neat & orderly. Am I the only person that wonders wth happens to get those cables all tangled up? When I pushed my desk up against the wall the cables were all untangled but in a puddle on the floor around the surge protector. At least my desk looked clean when I was done. Almost just as clean now except for a bag of popcorn, a bottle of water, and a sea of tissues. lol I don’t move my stuff around too often on my desk, so I don’t understand what happens to those cables. Anyone have any idea?

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This morning as I was getting all my recycling together Zoie decided to she was going to guard her rope in hopes I’d sneak up on her and snatch it away. She wanted to play tug of war, but that’s a game that needs all my attention, so she feel asleep protecting the rope, and waiting for me… I feel so guilty. I’ll play with her later this afternoon, when I am in for the day. I have to go back out in a few minutes and pick up Andre from school. Everyone have a great day!


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