Weekend at a Glance

Good Monday morning everyone!!!! How was everyone’s weekend? Things were okay here, wished it had been a little more relaxing. I did laundry Saturday morning. After I finally got the last load of whites in the dryer, Andre & I finally headed off to see what I hoped would be Shrek the 3rd. But for whatever reason they weren’t showing it at our favorite theater. They had a note up about why it wasn’t showing, but I didn’t read it. We decided to watch Spiderman 3 instead. Gotta say, it was pretty damn boring for almost half of it. I was reading my book during the previews, thanks to my handy dandy booklight, and I started to pull it out about 15 minutes into the movie cause it was sooooo boooring. Finally some action and it got interesting, til the end. Cause it ended sucky, but that’s just me. Andre said it was pretty boring too, at least til the big fight scene between the Sandman, a guy my husband has told me was Venom, Harry & Peter. I’ve no clue, but my husband grew up reading comic books so he’d know lol. Should have watched Meet The Robinson’s instead. We left the theater and had to head over to Walmart, after a short bathroom pit stop here at the house anyway… sorry but I do not use public restrooms. eww. Then it was in for the rest of the evening where I put up all the laundry I’d washed earlier in the day.

Zoie woke me up at damn near dawn Sunday, and thanks to Andre I was doing laundry again. He had one of the squishy water filled toys that he’d been playing with. Well apparently he popped it in his bedroom and made a mad dash to the bathroom to dump what was left of the water & paint down the drain. Yeah you heard me paint, the paint swirls around in the water. I didn’t buy his thing for him, his father did. THANK YOU WILLIAM!! He got it on the carpet, which I made him clean. I even made him clean the trail that led to the bathroom. He got it on his bed and all over the bathroom. So even though I should have been done with the laundry I was far from done. His bathroom is the only one that has to have a second set of mats cause he’s always spilling dropping breaking something in that bathroom. Even though Sunday’s around here are pretty laid back this one I was busy practically all day, and I never did make it to the barber shop with him. I’ll take him next weekend. He has EOG’s all this week. I’m sure he’ll do fine but I’m still nervous about it. Probably more than he is. Everyone have a great week!


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