The Garden of Zoie

Let me just start by saying this is the look of a dog that ain’t worth 5¢. While I was out in the front yard raking the neighbors trash from up against my fence… again. My very spoiled soup hound was out back laying on the trampoline in the shade. Ain’t that some shit? When I walked in the house to get a yard bag I saw her laying out there and couldn’t resist taking the pic. She was stretched out before she heard me open the sliding door to snatch her picture.

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Anyway, I decided since it was quite nice out front this morning, and the neighborhood seemed pretty quiet I’d go out and work a little in the front yard. Every other week I have to rake the side of the front yard because the neighbors to my North like to leave their garbage outside overnight outside of the trashcans. And since my yard is slightly down hill, the wind in turn blows the garbage that the dogs and cats tear up down into my yard. So I end up having to go out and rake it up and put it in bags. I actually took it over to their house once and put it all over their front porch. (There was a lot of it and I was really pissed off about having to be out there raking it up, I mean shouldn’t they really get their own garbage up) There wasn’t a whole lot of it this morning, not quite a bag full so I raked it up, I bagged it and I dropped it in the city receptacle. Do you know that unless I call their landlord they leave the garbage strewn all over the yard? Disgusting. Nothing like going outside to see a Dorito bag in your heather let me tell you…. Last week it was McDonalds trash all over my yard. Urgh!

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Anyway, while I was out there I decided to plant William’s Grandmother’s lily in the lily bed. Yes I have a lily bed it is right in middle of the front yard. I finally got around to fertilizing my window bed. Which consists of lavender, monkey grass, pink, red, yellow, and peach roses, I’m not sure of the name of the rest of the bushes. I got them because they bring color to that bed in the fall & winter when the roses and monkey grass go all brown. I also fertilized the evergreens that line the sidewalk. I have to go to Home Depot and get acidic fertilizer for the heather & the azalea that line the other windows on the other side of the front door. I’ll do that tomorrow, my back is on fire from bending out there. And I’m sure the neighbors have seen enough of my big ass booting over out there anyway…lol

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The lavender is in bud out there, they smell so strong. The roses aren’t looking to good this year. I guess that cold snap we had stunted them a bit. They were completely leafed out and budding when the weather dropped back down below freezing. I dead headed it after the weather warmed back up again in hopes that it would bud again, and it did, but they are little and not nearly as beautiful once they open as they usually are. I gave them a little extra water this morning. I hope they perk up. I have lavender roses in a small bed that lines the fence by the road. They aren’t looking to perky either, but they are finally blooming. Nothing else is going here. I took William’s care package to his unit this morning. The guys on staff duty are useless. I don’t know why I was shocked. They usually are. They are only there, usually, because they’ve gotten themselves into trouble. So they make them stay there 12 – 24 hours and answer the phones. I believe it’s 24 hours though. They did take it so I’ll in a bit to make sure that the FRG leader got it. I’m going to go and do a couple loads of laundry. I’ll try to come around and visit everyone’s pages later.


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