Boring Day

Nothing really happened today. My friend Rachel came over for a couple hours. She’s currently about 120 months pregnant lol. She can’t wait for the baby to come. If she walked anymore she’d probably walk him/her right outta there. She had her appointment today, she hasn’t dilated at all. I’m a little shocked since she’s been having a few twinges. She’s due in the next couple weeks so I’ll keep ya posted.

I didn’t do much today, I made a nice big lunch for Andre & myself. I was hungry, not quick lunch make a sandwich hungry, I was time for dinner hungry. I made penne ala vodka with grilled chicken & corn on the cob. Nice big lunch. William didn’t get to come home to eat lunch cause he was supposed to go and reup today, but that didn’t happen. A few of ya’ll know about our little drama around here. I’ll update ya’ll at a later time in a little more detail.

Zoie has been an ubber lazy butt today. The most active she’s been all day was when she was begging for Rachel’s french fries lol. Oh…and when she attacked my foot. She tried to get me to let her bite my foot. She was giving me the big puppy dog eyes & everything til she pulled my foot closer and the teeth came out lol. I was like noooo hussy that’s my foot lol. But I just exacted my revenge. She was laying down here in front of me passed out asleep. I laid my foot on her behind and pushed she almost jumped out of her skin. Jumped up with this wild crazy look in her eyes like “WHAT WAS THAT? WHO TOUCHED ME?” Too funny.

Anyway, I gotta run. Gonna go find something constructive to do with my time. Ya’ll have a great hump day!


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