Nothing’s Going On

There’s absolutely nothing going on here. Hence my silence of late. We’re coming to a close in the grading period. It was a rough quarter, but I think Andre did okay. I’ve been staying on top of him in school, and checking his grades online, and I gotta tell ya he coulda done a hell of a lot worse. We’ll see next week when the report cards come out.

Coming to the end of the grading period also means spring break is right around the corner. I gotta say I think I need the break. Not to mention I’ve been about to burst at the seams in anticipation for my floors to get done. We’re having the family room & the kitchen floor tiled. I tried to find a mildly textured tile so that Zoie wouldn’t kill herself running through the house. Doesn’t hurt that we got a great deal at the wholesale flooring warehouse either. I can only hope that we time goes to buy my bamboo flooring for the rest of the house I get nearly as good a deal.

Nothing is going on with me. Just getting over a stomach bug. I am still not 100%. Still not eating a whole lot. I’m still sipping on my room temp ginger ale. I begged William for a case of Powerade today lol. He said he’d stop by the commissary on his way home and grab me some. I’m tired of ginger ale. I attempted some chicken noodle soup today, not a good idea. But at least I was awake today, I slept a good deal of yesterday. I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll be back to normal.

Zoie’s fine, I’ve yet to take her back to the vet to get her re-weighed. If William is still here next week I may get him to take her down there get her nails clipped and have her weighed. She’s been doing a very good job on the treadmill. She sleeps the sleep of the dead at night man. She passes out snores loud enough to suck the plaid right off the bedskirt. And you can get up and walk all around her and she never wakes up. She looks like she’s thinned out a bit, hard to tell though, I look at her every day. She’s definitely tightened up. We’ll see and I’ll update ya’ll.


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