This week…..

Well another week has passed. Andre is back on track in school, thank God. He has earned his tv privileges back. But only on the weekend. No tv Sunday – Thursday. Hopefully next week he’ll do everything that is expected of him and he’ll get his DS back.

My husband is fine, still gone. He will hopefully be home in the next week or two. We’ll see.
Zoie is fine. Drama runneth over with her lol. I have been mixing her dog food to get her used to the lower weight management formula. I swear she’s rooting through the dog food eating the regular stuff and leaving the lower fat one behind lol. They aren’t quite the same shade of brown, easy to tell the difference. Apparently too easy, I don’t know what I am going to do with her.

I’m okay. Long week. I’m very happy about that whole inch of snow we got yesterday. I had hoped we’d get way more than we did. I love snow. But the psycho’s here can’t drive in it. I was trying to get my son to school yesterday morning, it was snowing, and everyone was tipping around like the sky was dropping nails. It’s frikkin ridiculous. It wasn’t even sticking for God’s sake. Anyway, not a whole lot else has happened.


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