I haven’t updated on my oh so interesting family lately. Nothing much going on. My cousin called me early last week to let me know something that my Father was supposed to tell me 5 months ago and didn’t. My favorite Aunt Viola had had a stroke, but not just one stroke but 2. He told me where she was, how well she was being taken care of, and how she was doing now with therapy, etc. I went out to visit her in Huntersville on Saturday. Broke my heart to see her like that. She still has all her memories, and even though she talks very low, she can speak just fine, barely any slur. I hope she gets her mobility back, but I don’t think they are holding out for much improvement on that front. I took her down to the garden area, talked to her and fed her candy for almost 4 hours lol. She loves butterfingers. I’ll have to get back out there to see her again next month before Christmas.

This Sunday I leave to head home. Yep, home as in NY. We are going to stay with my Sister for a week for the holidays. I gotta admit, I haven’t been so happy about the idea up until recently. Well at least until last night. She called me talking about us going to go over to her brother in laws house for Thanksgiving dinner. I said what are you crazy? I’m not going over there. I’m coming to NY to get away from my inlaws what the hell makes you think I want to spend it with yours? Needless to say we won’t be going now… But we did agree it’s okay if they come over for cake & coffee lol. She said you gotta tell my husband you don’t wanna go, I said no problem. I ain’t driving all the way up there to spend my holiday with his family, I am going to spend the holiday with my family. I did however suggest he go spend Thanksgiving with his family, I know, bad Sunshine lol I told her I was joking, but I wasn’t. I haven’t been so fond of him lately.

Anyway, everything else is going well. My son got his mid-term progress report. 5 A’s 3 B’s. I hope he stays on top of his game, he has one low B that I’m hoping doesn’t turn into a C. I told the teacher yesterday that he’d be missing Monday & Tuesday of next week so I could get next weeks work this week. I don’t want him to end up with 0’s or an incomplete because of an unexcused absence.

Well, that’s my life as I live it.


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